Cortext / MyMBT Messaging
If you have an account for Cortext / MyMBT Messaging please use the following links to set up the Imprivata App for Cortext / MyMBT Messaging:

For additional information, review the Quick Reference Guide pertaining to your device:
• For Android devices, click here.
• For iOS (Apple) devices, click here.

Users can select their availability status by opening the Imprivata Cortext application and tapping the current status located a the top right corner of the inbox. Make the appropriate selection from the choices listed below:

Available: You can send and receive messages, and receive notifications. You can send and receive messages to and from a colleague with this status.

Busy: You can send and receive messages, and receive notifications. You can send messages to a colleague with this status, though the messages are received, the recipient may not be able to respond promptly, they can still send messages to you when time permits.

Do Not Disturb: You cannot compose or send messages. You do not receive any messages or message notifications. You can compose a message to a colleague with this status, but the message is not delivered until the recipient changes status to Busy or Available. The colleague cannot send or receive messages.

If you currently have a Cortex / MyMBT Messaging account but do not know your username and/or password, contact Shared Health Digital Health directly at (204) 940-8500 to assist you with your account information. 

If you currently do not have a Cortext / MyMBT Messaging account:

Faculty – contact your Physician Services Manager to arrange for an account to be set up.

Residents and Fellows – Your account was set up by PGME at the time of your registration or effective July 1, 2019 if you were an existing trainee prior to July 1, 2019.

Log-in with your eHealth network username followed by (e.g. and your eHealth network password.

If you are unsure of your network password, you can call the Digital Health Service Desk to have them reset it (204-940-8500).