Hazardous Waste Disposal & Forms

UPDATE July 28, 2020:  Regularly scheduled hazardous waste hours for the Bannatyne Campus will resume on August 13, 2020.  See below for the link to the calendar.

Hazardous waste at the Fort Garry Campus will be picked up on request as usual. 

For both campuses, the Radioactive Waste Calendar schedules are temporarily suspended until further notice.  Please see details below to have your radioactive waste removed.

All hazardous waste must be disposed in accordance with federal and local regulations. Drain disposal of hazardous waste as well as disposal in the regular trash is unacceptable. Aside from obvious infractions to environmental regulations, drain disposal may lead to dangerous reactions, damage to plumbing systems or create a hazard for trades personnel. Disposal in the regular trash may put caretaking staff at risk. Remember that just because a chemical is water soluble does not necessarily make it suitable for drain disposal.

Removal of most hazardous wastes is available to University departments at no charge. Individual departments may however be charged for the cost of identification and disposal of "unknowns".

The Bannatyne combined waste facility for radioactive and hazardous waste is located in room 071 Brodie Centre.  Please click on this link for a map

Biological Waste

All biological agent waste must be disposed according to the University Biological Waste Disposal Standard. More information regarding decontamination procedures can be found in the University of Manitoba Biosafety Manual.

Please note: The necessity for using bleach as a disinfectant should be reviewed because the type of plumbing pipe used for waste water at the University is susceptible to degradation by bleach. Autoclaving is the preferred method for decontamination of liquid waste since it prevents degradation of the pipes and gives better control and documentation of the waste decontamination process.

Chemical Waste

Pick up of hazardous waste at the Fort Garry campus is initiated by filling out a Hazardous Waste Removal Form and emailing it to hazwaste@umanitoba.ca .  Pick up is normally within two weeks for smaller quantities, whereas larger laboratory clean outs require more notice.

For the Bannatyne Campus, hazardous waste can be dropped off in 071 Brodie between 11:00 AM and 12 Noon every second and fourth Thursday of each month.  Download the calendar at the link below.

Bannatyne Waste Disposal Calendar

Alternate arrangements can be made to accommodate those unable to stop by at the regularly scheduled time at Bannatyne.  To make those arrangements, complete the Hazardous Waste Removal Form and send it to hazwaste@umanitoba.ca

If there are any question please contact EHS through the Hazardous Waste Email hazwaste@umanitoba.ca

Radioactive Waste

Information regarding the proper disposal and collection of radioactive waste can be found on the radioactive waste disposal page.

For both campuses, the Radioactive Waste Calendar schedules are temporarily suspended until further notice.  If you need radioactive waste pick up, complete the Radioactive Waste Removal Form and email it to radsafety@umanitoba.ca .  Someone will contact you to schedule a pick up.

Fort Garry Radioactive Waste Calendar 2020

Bannatyne Radioactive Waste Calendar 2020

IMPORTANT NOTE: if the browser fails to open the form - try saving the PDF to your computer and opening it with Adobe Acrobat.  Please contact the IST Service Desk for assistance if you are unable to download the form - https://umanitoba.ca/ist/help/.


Instructions for using labels (Adobe PDF)
Instructions for using labels (Word 97)

Hazardous Waste Labels (Adobe PDF)
Hazardous Waste Labels (Word 97)