University Web Systems FAQ

The most frequent questions regarding the web systems used by The University of Manitoba are which systems are used for what, and when. Below you can find this information and other relevant information for students on which site you can use for what.

The five most used University web systems are highlighted here. For all services provided by The University of Manitoba Information Systems and Technology, please visit


 Aurora is the University's self-serve registration system. You can use Aurora to look up classes, register for classes, look up your schedule, and many other functions.
If you need help using Aurora, visit the Registration How-to for instructions on how to use Aurora.

JUMP is the University's portal for students, staff, and faculty, which provides a source of information. If you work on campus, JUMP will be where you can access your pay information.

Active UMNetID

To access University computers, web systems such as JUMP and UMLearn, wireless networks, and email, you need to have an UMNetID. You can visit Iridium to activate your ID and active other accounts.
UMLearn is the University's online learning management system. UMLearn is used in both courses taught on campus, and for distance education. If you are taking an on campus course, your instructor will indicate whether or not you will use UMLearn.
MyUManitoba is the University email system for students. As of 2013, the University requires all correspondence with you to go through this account, and important information will be communicated here for you.
Additionally, MyUManitoba comes with an Office365 subscription, giving you valuable software like Microsoft Word free as long as you are a student.

Where do I go if I'm having trouble with any of my accounts?
The University of Manitoba Information Systems & Technology is there to help. You can visit them in person, contact by phone, or by email. Please see the IST page for information on when and how you can contact them for assistance