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Detailed Course Outlines
Note that the following Outlines are for information only.  Students taking a course must follow the course outline/syllabus provided by the instructor for each term:

Agriculture AGRI courses
AGRI 1500 - Natural Resources and Primary Agricultural Production – Course Outline
AGRI 1510 - Production, Distribution and Utilization of Agricultural Products – Course Outline
AGRI 1600 - Introduction to Agrifood Systems - Course Outline
AGRI 2030 - Technical Communications – Course Outline
AGRI 2400 - Experimental Methods in Agricultural and Food Sciences - Course Outline
AGRI 3030 - Modern Topics in Agriculture 1
  Innovations in Agriculture Course Outline (Fall 2020)
AGRI 4000 - Practicing the Profession of Agrology (PPA I) - Course Outline
AGRI 4010 - Practicing the Profession of Agrology (PPA II) - Course Outline
AGRI 4100 - Current Issues in Agricultural Systems - Course Outline

Diploma in Agriculture DAGR courses
See School of Agriculture

Agroecology AGEC courses
AGEC 2370 Principles of Ecology – Course Outline
AGEC 3510 Agroecology – Course Outline
AGEC 4510 Applications in Agroecology – Course Outline
AGEC 4550 Project in Agroecology – Course Outline

Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics ABIZ courses
See Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics

Animal Science ANSC courses
See Department of Animal Science

Biosystems Engineering BIOE courses

See Department of Biosystems Engineering

Entomology ENTM courses
See Department of Entomology

Food Science FOOD courses
See Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences

Human Nutritional Sciences HNSC courses
See Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences

Plant Science PLNT course numbers
See Department of Plant Science

Soil Science SOIL course numbers
See Department of Soil Science