Joining the SSEF

We invite you to apply for a position on the University’s Support Staff Endowment Fund (SSEF) committee. Membership on the committee runs from April 1 to March 31 and a call for applications for new members is typically in January or February each year.

The SSEF is a University of Manitoba established trust for the purpose of supporting activities relating to professional development for support staff. This committee works to encourage employee connection, engagement and learning. The SSEF annually distributes the interest from the endowment fund for professional development activities through awards for education or training, and sponsoring or co-sponsoring engagement events that bring the support staff of our community together. Recent activities include the annual Support Staff Learning Exchange to McGill University, textbook and other learning awards, guided campus walking tours and VIP Folklorama bus tour. This is your opportunity to collaborate with other support staff from across our campuses and create programs and events of interest to your colleagues. This vibrant 12- member committee meets approximately 6 times per year, in addition to, working groups or sub-committee opportunities. Terms are typically for three years with the opportunity to renew. The committee seeks representation from all campuses and from both excluded support staff (EMAPS) and members of bargaining units.

If you are interested in a position on the University’s Support Staff Endowment Fund (SSEF) committee, we encourage you to watch this space in January or February for the next call for applications. Note: SSEF committee membership is limited to support staff that hold a continuing appointment of .5 or greater.