About My Research Tools

My Research Tools is a set of web applications designed for University of Manitoba Researchers.

Through My Research Tools, you can:

  • Access external funding opportunities
  • Post your research expertise and make it searchable on the University Home Page
  • Seek potential collaborators
  • Manage your research projects information online

My Research Tools was created by ORS in collaboration with IST. It is an ongoing project and integrates various UM systems, including InfoEd (ORS), Aurora (Budgets & Grants) and VIP (Human Resources).

Applications within My Research Tools

Profile, Keywords & Collaboration
This site allows you to enter your research expertise keywords and descriptions. Information you choose to make public will be searchable in the public Research Experts Search. In addition, you may post project summaries to seek collaborators within the University. International Activities (collected for the International Centre) may also be entered here.

Experts Search (Internal)
This site allows you to search all information entered by UM Researchers. It has the same functionality as the public Research Experts Search but contains both public and University-only information.

Experts Related Search (Internal)
This is a progressive search that helps you find UM Researchers based on keyword.

My Projects and Protocols
This site allows you to view details about your research projects and ethics protocols. You can use it to find your UM Project Number, ethics protocol numbers, and research grant/contract fund numbers.

Funding Opportunities
There are two funding opportunity searches available on this site. The Upcoming Major Funding Opportunities search is a database maintained by ORS containing current opportunities and their agency and institutional deadlines.

ORS also subscribes to an external funding opportunity database called SPIN. UM researchers have the ability to use the SPIN Full Search (an external website) for more advanced functionality, saved searches, and automatic email notifications. Instructions on how to access the full SPIN site can be found at the top right of this page.

Student (Research Grants Funded) Jobs
This site allows you to post student jobs that are funded by research grants. Students will have access to these postings through the public Research Grants Funded Student Jobs site.

CFI Equipment
This is a list of the University's CFI-funded equipment. Researchers may contact designated project leaders with regard to potential use.

Resource Library
This site contains archived information for faculty members such as presentations from the Research Orientation Series and the New Faculty Orientation package.

More Information
Please see our FAQ for more information. As well, detailed instructions on how to use MRT can be found in the PDF files at the top right of this page.