Community Health Sciences - Educational Programs
The department of community health sciences is very involved in the educational endeavours of the Max Rady College of Medicine, at all levels. In particular, our department provides teaching and mentorship in community health sciences to undergraduate medical students, graduate students (masters and doctoral), community medicine residents, and post-doctoral fellows. Descriptions of our educational programs in these areas are provided in the links to each of the programs, located below.

Family Social Sciences Undergraduate (FSS)
The Family Social Sciences Program has undergone administrative and program restructuring. Admissions to the program have been suspended, and there will be no further admissions after January 2019. The content from the former Family Social Sciences program (FMLY courses) is now housed within the Family Health Concentration of the Bachelor of Health Studies (BHSt) degree program, a degree program within the Interdisciplinary Health Program (IHP), Rady Faculty of Health Sciences.

Interdisciplinary Health Program (IHP)
The Interdisciplinary Health Program (IHP) is offered by the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences in partnership with the Faculties of Arts and Science. The IHP offers two four-year degree programs: Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) and Bachelor of Health Studies (BHSt). A major goal of the IHP is to provide a foundation for students who wish to enter professional healthcare programs and offer another route for students to gain access to specialized programs for both health and social science fields (e.g. community health management, graduate programs).

Medical Undergraduate
The department participates in all four years of the medical curriculum. Please click on the link for complete information on Undergraduate Medical Education Program . A list of specific courses, sessions and clerkships is outlined on Community Health Sciences website.

Our graduate program offers a broad, multidisciplinary training at the Diploma, Master’s and Doctoral levels in the concepts and methods of the population-based health sciences and their application in the practice of population health, public health and preventive medicine.

Residency (PHPM)
The Public Health and Preventive Medicine Residency Program is a five-year medical specialty program accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Application to the program can be made through the Canadian Residency Matching Service ( or, in some instances, through the Max Rady College of Medicine’s re-entry process. Please contact the Public Health and Preventive Medicine residency program director for more information.

Training Programs
The expertise of our Faculty is far reaching, and collaborations with other researchers have resulting in three training programs, available to our graduate students on a competitive basis.


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*only 1st yr MSc and yrs 1 to 3 PhD need to complete the UMGF application

** applicants for Fall 2017 are automatically considered and do not need to complete UMGF   application

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