PATHS Equity for Children:

A program of research into what works to reduce the gap for Manitoba's children

 PATHS Equity for Children Infographic

PATHS Equity for Children: The PATHS program of research aims at understanding what works to reduce inequity in children’s outcomes, and includes collaborations with external partners. Multiple interventions will be evaluated to determine their impact on the health and well-being of children in terms of inequities in socioeconomic status, geography and sex at different points during childhood.

PATHS comprises a series of 16 inter-related sub-projects, each designed assess the impact of a different intervention. Each sub-project has its own team and set of objectives, but all projects will assess whether the intervention positively changed outcomes and/or gradients (i.e., socioeconomic, geographic and/or gender), and whether the intervention reached those intended (i.e., universal or targeted). The final sub-project will be an integrative analysis to be completed at the end, which will look at the interventions holistically to see whether combinations of programs are more effective than individual interventions, and whether combinations are more effective simultaneously or sequentially.

The sub-projects are:

i. Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI)
ii. Physician Integrated Network (PIN)
iii. In-School Teen Clinics
iv. Healthy Baby Program
v. Families First Home Visiting Program
vi. Social Housing
vii. Healthy Buddies
viii. Roots of Empathy (ROE)
ix. Full-Day Kindergarten
x. Qualitative analysis: understanding mechanisms of inequality
xi. Early Intervention for ADHD
xii. Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Program (EPPIS)
xiii. Community Schools Investigator’s (CSI) Summer Learning Enrichment Program
xiv. Public Health Sensitive Conditions (PHSC)
xv. Integrative Analysis

Currently, nine of the 16 sub-projects are underway and the remaining seven are to begin over the course of the next three years. The projects that have started are in the early-to-mid stages of analysis.

Several PATHS-related abstracts have been accepted at upcoming conferences in the 2013-2014 year.

Overview of PATHS Equity for Children Research Program (poster)




Pat Martens
Marni Brownell
Mariette Chartier
Randy Fransoo
Alan Katz
Lisa Lix
Colleen Metge
Leslie Roos
Rob Santos
James Bolton
Malcolm Doupe
Douglas Jutte
Laurence Katz
Colette Raymond
Noralou Roos
Elaine Burland
Nathan C. Nickel
Dan Chateau
Greg Finlayson
Mark Smith