Research study leave

Research/study leaves are provided to allow academic staff to focus on research, scholarly inquiry or creative work. The practice of taking research/study leaves is a benefit to leave-takers, the University and the academic community in general. While taking a research/study leave is encouraged, it is not compulsory.

A research/study leave will be a period of time in which an academic staff member shall be exempt from normal assigned duties.

During the research/study leave, the academic staff member shall undertake to complete an activity plan that will have continuing benefits to the University as identified at the time of application for the research/study leave.
The academic staff member shall continue to receive full or partial salary during the research/study leave in accordance with procedures developed to administer these leaves. The University intends to provide research/study leaves that are competitive with other Canadian universities and within the university community.

**IMPORTANT** for Tenure Track appointments: (per the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Tenure Guidelines)

The length of the maximum untenured period may be affected by appointments previous to a probationary appointment as well as certain types of leaves. 

The University shall establish under Procedures: Research/Study Leave for Academic Staff, the administrative procedures and entitlements for each of the various academic staff groups covered by this policy.


September 30, 2020
Application to the Office of Academic Affairs for Faculty Members
applying for Research Study Leave or Administrative Leave
propose to commence in the 2021 - 2022 academic year

Research Study Leaves for UMFA members are
governed by Article 21 of the 2013 -2016
UMFA Collective Agreement
* * *
Research Study Leaves for GFTs, UMDCSA
members and excluded staff members are to
be governed by Administrative Leaves for Academic Administrators

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