Graduate Course Changes

All graduate course introductions modifications and deletions require Senate approval. The Faculty of Graduate Studies approves course change proposals through the Programs & Guidelines Committee and Executive Committee. Course changes that are directly related to program changes, new program streams, or new programs also require Graduate Studies Faculty Council approval.

Graduate Calendar

The deadline for submission of graduate course change material (forms and supporting documentation) to Graduate Studies for inclusion in the 2020-2021 Calendar is October  10, 2019.

Offering a course (for September 2020)

The deadline for submission of graduate course introduction modification and /or deletion material and applicable supporting documentation for courses to be offered in September 2020 is March 6, 2020. Please note, however, final approval for implementation rests with Senate. Normally, Senate approved courses will be uploaded to the online calendar up until June 2020.

Required Information

Units intending to introduce, modify, or delete graduate courses are required to submit sufficient information to assist the Programs & Guidelines Committee in the vetting the proposal. These instructions and the accompanying templates are intended to facilitate the course approval process.

Information required for all proposed graduate course changes:

  • A detailed cover letter including an informative summary and rationale for the changes
  • All completed course forms with required signatures
  • Complete course outlines for course introductions
  • A tracked changes version of the unit's supplemental regulations should the course proposals affect the list of coursework (titles, course numbers, credit hours) or the coursework/total credit hour requirements of the degree

Please Note

Course introductions totalling more than 9 credit hours are vetted and approved by the Senate Planning and Priorities Committee (SPPC). If your unit's net credit hour change totals more than 9 credit hours, please append a statement from the unit Head indicating how resources will be allocated to cover the increase in teaching load to deliver the courses.


Please submit completed package electronically to Andrea Kailer (