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Financial Services encourages you to review specific reports each month as part of your reconciliation process to confirm transactions were authorized, accurate and complete

Review your transactions and ask the following questions:

  • Is it in the correct FOAP? (check all elements)
  • Has it been properly approved?
  • Is it an eligible expense?
  • Do you have the correct back-up documentation? (if required) 
  • Are the commitments on the FOAP accurate?
  • Is the FOP overspent? Is corrective action required?
  • Are there any abrupt changes from an established pattern or trend?

There are a variety of reporting options available to you to review your financial information

FAST Transaction Detail Report The Transaction Detail report is used to display a listing of all the expenditure transactions processed against a FOP or combination of FOAP elements in a specific period. This report is recommended to identify charges on your FOAP's for a closed month and verify that the charges are properly allocated. Download the report to excel and use the Transaction Detail Macro to "clean up" the report for easier viewing.  
CONCUR Monthly Operating Reports Designated individuals within each unit have access to run these reports to reconcile Concur travel expense reports, Travel expenditures and Accountable Advances.
EPIC PO, Non-PO and Contract reports There are 6 reports to support the reconciliation process in EPIC. These include the Requisition Approval History, Requisition Approval History (Ordered Status), Monthly Operating Report (PO related), Monthly Operating Report (Other Invoices), Invoice Summary Report by Contract and Contract Amount Left reports. All reports are available in EPIC in Public Reports under the Financial Reconciliations menu. For more information on using these reports please see the EPIC Reconciliation Report Guide.
VIP Reports Payroll Authorization reports
Payroll Verification reports

Additional tools available to you to assist with your review are:

Checklist - a list to help you identify what you need to check
Document Code Prefix list - a listing to explain the different code prefixes you will see associated with various transactions to help you identify what the transaction was

If you require assistance please contact Aurora Finance Customer Service, (204) 480-1001.


Evisions Argos is a reporting tool used by the University for many management reports. Users will be assigned to groups to identify which reports they have access to.

Below are links for information on Getting Started in Argos Reporting which includes how to gain access and a link to the log in page. 
If you are having difficulty accessing a report, please contact
Aurora Finance Customer Service, (204) 480-1001.

To gain access & for help using ARGOS you may visit the Getting Started in Argos Reporting website


Transaction Detail Excel Template/Macro
This resources summarizes the Excel output from your FAST Transaction Details report so that you have a more manageable list of transactions to reconcile.