Quick Data Entry (FGAJVCQ)

When using the FGAJVCQ page, all the regular Banner navigation features work as usual. To move between fields, you can either:

  • use the Tab key, and Shift+Tab to go backwards, or
  • use the mouse to select the desired field

Key Block Information

Document Number - Leave this field blank to have the system automatically generate a new document number.

Important Note: If you enter any character or just press the space bar, then that entry becomes your journal voucher number. Only by leaving the field blank will the appropriate sequential “Jxxxxxxx” journal voucher number be assigned.

Tip: The Document number will be visible once you access the Transaction Detail block or the Document Text page.

Click Go (or press Alt+Page Down) to continue.


Document Header  

 Transaction Date - Defaults to the current date, and indicates the date a transaction will be posted. You can override it to backdate for month end or year end purposes as long as these periods are still open. Posting is only permitted to open periods.

Enter the transaction date, in MM/DD/YYYY format - e.g. 04/15/2020 for 15-Apr-2020.

Document Total - Enter the absolute value of the total of debits plus credits. To calculate this figure, add all of your debits and multiply by 2. The document total should always equal an even amount - e.g. 105.24, but never 105.25.

NSF Checking - By default this box is checked. Insufficient funds checking occurs as the JV is being entered.

Deferred Edit - Leave this box blank.

Document Text Exists - This box will initially be blank; only system generated entries appear in this box.

     A checked box indicates that text exists for the JV

     A blank box indicates that there is no text associated with the JV

Entering Document Text

For all JEs and ID charges, this step is mandatory. The information provided must be sufficient for the financial authority responsible for the Fund being debited to determine the exact nature of the transfer or charge. Be as descriptive as possible.

For example:

  • A good document text entry:    Tree Removal at the Administration Building.
  • A bad document text entry:       Forestry service.

From the menu bar, select Related then Document Text [FOATEXT].

The General Text Entry will open.

1. Enter text (maximum 50 characters per line). Click Insert to add another line or use the down arrow key to move to the next line. The number in the Line column is automatically generated; the default increment is 10.

2. Click to check the Print indicator if you would like to have each line of text printed on the Posted JV Report.

3. Review data entry carefully and if everything looks correct, click Save (or press the F10 key) to save your text entries. A message will confirm that it was successfully saved.

4. Click Exit (or Ctrl + Q) to close the page. You are returned to the Document Header.


Transaction Detail Section

To access the Transaction Detail section, click the Next section icon (or press Alt + Page Down).

1. Status: The system updates this field after each transaction record is saved. You can save a record by:

  • clicking the Save button (or pressing the F10 key)
  • moving to the next record, either by clicking the Next Record icon or pressing the down arrow key

Each record in the JV can have a value of:

  • Postable - the transaction can be posted
  • Error - an error condition caused an edit failure
  • NSF - an insufficient funds condition exists for the record.

2. Sequence - The system generates and increases the sequence number field automatically. Press the tab key to generate the first sequence number (1).


3. Journal Type - Enter the appropriate journal type - e.g. JE15, JE16, ID1D, etc.

4. Chart - Default to the current Chart of Accounts - chart M. Leave as is.

5. Index - Leave blank.

6. Fund - Enter a valid Fund code.

7. Organization - Enter a valid Org code.

8. Account - Enter a valid Account code.

9. Program - Enter a valid Program code.

10. Activity - Enter a valid Activity code, if applicable.

11. Location - Enter a valid Location code, if applicable (only required for capital equipment and building transactions)

12. Project - Leave blank.

13. Percent - Optional field. This is a percentage of the Document Total for this record. If you enter an amount in this field, the Amount field will automatically be calculated and the appropriate figure will be shown.

14. Amount - Dollar amount of the account distribution.

15. Debit/Credit - Values are Debit or Credit.

16. NSF Override - Leave blank.

17. Description - Enter a description (maximum of 35 characters) for this record of the journal entry or ID charge. Try to be as specific and details as possible, as this information will display in FAST.

For a example:

  • A good description:     Sept 2020 Forestry Tree Service.
  • A bad description:       Tree charge.

18. Bank - Enter OC. This is required for JE16 and all ID charges journal types.

19: Currency - All transactions are Canadian (base) currency; leave this field blank.

20. Leave all other fields blank.


Completing a JV

1. From the Related menu, select the Access Transaction Summary Info (FGIJSUM) screen.

2. In the screen, ensure the following fields are accurate:

  • The Document Total amount matches the Total amount.
  • The status for each record is Postable.
  • The total amount of debit sequence equal the total amount of credit sequences.

3. To fix any fields or simply return to the Journal Voucher page to complete the document, click Exit.

4. Once data entry for the journal voucher is finished or to exit from the journal voucher and leave it In Progress.

  • Click the Next Section icon (or press Alt + Page Down)
  • Click the Tools menu and select Access Completion.

5. The Completion section opens; there are two options available:

  • Complete - Click this button to complete the journal voucher. Keep in mind that once this is option is selected, the balanced document is immediately sent to the posting process.
    Note: It is not possible for anyone to edit a completed journal voucher. Therefore if you need to make corrections to a JV or add anything new to it, you must process a new JV.
  • In Process - Click this button to save the data without posting the record. You can add, delete, or modify transaction records as needed on In Progress journal vouchers.

If there are any errors with your JV, the Banner Error and Warning Messages window will open and inform you what they are.