Create a Budget Transfer

Log into FAST and select the module Budget Transfers on the left side of the screen.

  1. The Budget Transfers Homepage will appear. The Fiscal Year will default to the current fiscal year and Chart M will be selected. Click Submit.
  2. Select Create a new Budget Transfer from the Quick Launch screen or select New Budget Transfer from the Budget Transfers Menu.
  3. The Budget Transfer Header screen will appear. Enter the following fields:

          Header Orgn - enter the Organization code to which you belong or 
                                    which the budget transfer relates to.
          Effective Date - Select the effective date.
          Budget Series - Select FY XX Base Budget or FY XX Fiscal Budget.
          Budget Type - BD04.
          Description - Enter a description for the transfer.

    4.   Click Create at the bottom right of the header.

    5.   The accounting section of the Budget Transfer will display.

    6.   Click on New to add a budget transfer line and enter the following fields:

            a. Fund, Orgn, Acct, Prog, Actv, Locn
                i. Key in the chart of account elements or click the Search icon to 
                   search for the element.

            b. Employee (6 digits) - If your transfer is related to an employee budget salary, enter 
                                             the employee number.

            c. Position (5 characters) - Enter the position number for the employee the
                                                        transfer relates to.

            d. Comments - Enter your transfer description.

            e. Reference # - Enter your budget code. The most common reference codes are:
                                BP0007 - Transfer to/from other cost centre (from one account 
                                                code to another)
                                BP0008 - Transfer to/from other position (from one employee 
                                                position to another)
                                BP0009 - Transfer to/from other Organization code.

            f. Incr Exp, Decr Rev -  Enter the amount that (1) the expense account is being 
                                                     increased by or 
(2) the revenue account is being decreased by. 

            g. Decr Exp, Incr Rev - Enter the amount that (1) the expense account is being 
                                                    decreased by or 
(2) the revenue account is being increased by.

   7.   Click the save icon to save your budget transfer line.

   8.   Click New to add another record to your budget transfer line and repeat steps 6 to 8
         until all lines have been entered.

   9.   If attachments are required, click Attach Additional Information below the accounting 
         section to add an attachement.

10.   After all accounting lines have been added, click Submit for Approval.

11.   You will be brought to a page to select who to submit the budget transfer to in the system.
        You can either submit it to your supervisor or to Financial Services.

        To submit to your supervisor - In the field titled Employee, click the search icon to search by username or last name. Once the name displays, click the name to populate it in the field.

        To submit to Financial Services - Click on the radio button beside "OR check here to send directly to Financial Services."

12.    Click Submit to finalize submission to your selection.