Enter Document Text on a JV

For all JEs and ID charges, this step is mandatory. The information provided must be sufficient for the primary financial authority responsible for the Fund being debited to determine the exact nature of the transfer or charge. Be as descriptive as possible.

From the menu bar, select Related → Document Text [FOATEXT]

The General Text Entry screen opens.


Enter text (maximum 50 characters per line). Click Insert to select the next line or use the  key to move to the next line.

The number in the Line column is automatically generated; the default increment is 10.

Click to check the Print indicator if you would like to have each line of text printed on the Posted JV Report.

Note: All text will print on the Unposted JV Report (whether or not the print indicator is checked).


Review data entry carefully and if everything looks correct, click the Save  (or press the F10 key) to save your text entries.

Click the Exit icon  (or Ctrl + Q) to close the form.

You are returned to the Document Header.