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U of M Resources

Copyright Help in UM Learn

  • Get copyright assistance with managing course content in UM Learn.

Sharing Course Materials

  • Guidance on when students do and do not require instructors' permission to share course notes and materials.

Use of Copyright Protected Materials Policy

  • The new (2018) policy respecting use of copyright protected materials at the University of Manitoba.

Intellectual Property Policy

  • Outlines University policy regarding intellectual property (including copyright) ownership.

UMFA Collective Agreement

  • Includes provisions respecting copyright ownership in works by UMFA members.

Sample Copyright Permission Letter (Word)

  • Modify this letter to request permission from third-party creators to incorporate copyrighted materials in your work.

Legal Resources

Canadian Copyright Act

  • The guiding copyright legislation in Canada.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

  • Office responsible for the registration and administration of intellectual property in Canada.

Copyright Free or Open Resources

Public Domain Flowchart

Project Gutenberg and Project Gutenberg Canada

  • Vast collections of copyright-free books.

Wikipedia  - Public Domain Resources List

  • Comprehensive and frequently updated list of copyright-free works in all formats and media.

U of M Libraries - Index of Open Access Repositories and Resources

  • List of Open Access databases available through the U of M Libraries.

Images and Multimedia Resources

A-Z Databases: Images

  • Excellent database resource lists for architecture, fine arts, health sciences, and a range of other disciplines. Some databases require registration and/or authentication using your UM Net ID.

UM Digital Collections

  • Online repository of images, letters, newspapers, books, video and sound recordings that document the University and Province of Manitoba's storied history.

The British Library

  • Search over a million images on the British Library's Flickr account.

The New York Public Library

  • Find more than 180,000 public domain images in the New York Public Library Digital Collections.

Open Access and Publishing Resources

UM Libraries Guide to Open Access & Scholarly Communications

  • Find out what you need to know about Open Access and Scholarly Communications at the University of Manitoba.

Creative Commons - Share Your Work

  • Provides clear, easy to use licenses enabling creators to share their works in a variety of ways.

The Directory of Open Access Repositories - OpenDOAR

  • A quality-controlled list of academic Open Access repositories.


  • Database of publisher Open Access policies, self-archiving permissions and author’s rights.

SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) Author Addendum

  • Legal instrument enabling authors to modify copyright transfer agreements with non-Open Access journal publishers and retain certain rights.

Copyright Commentary Resources

Michael Geist Tech Law Topics

  • Frequently updated blog on copyright and other technology law topics by the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-Commerce Law at the University of Ottawa.

Ariel Katz on Intellectual Property, Competition, Innovation, and Other Issues

  • Blog written by the Innovation Chair in Electronic Commerce at the University of Toronto.

Meera Nair - Fair Duty

  • Blog focusing on fair dealing and other copyright issues by the Copyright Officer for the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.


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