Undergraduate Program Changes

NOTE that any significant changes to undergraduate programs should be initially discussed with the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic). Please contact Dr. Todd Mondor, Deputy Provost (Academic Planning and Programs) for more information.

Changes to undergraduate programs require Senate approval. Modifications to course offerings and/or curriculum structure are referred directly to the Senate Committee on Course and Curriculum Changes (SCCCC), while changes in the academic regulations and/or assessment of those programs are referred directly to the Senate Committee on Instruction and Evaluation (SCIE)Major amendments, nominally defined as a change to an existing program involving a net increase of nine (9) credit hours, require additional review by the Senate Planning and Priorities Committee (SPPC). Depending on the nature of the proposed change, the amendment may be reviewed by additional committees as recommended.

Guidelines for making changes to undergraduate programs and courses (introduction, modification and/or deletion) can be found under Course Change Forms on the University Governance website.

Further to the above, significant modifications to an existing program also require approval by Manitoba Education and Training (MET), Post-Secondary Education and Workforce Development (PSEWD). MET defines a significant modification as the alteration of an approved characteristic of a program of study. Approved characteristics include:

  • the site(s), or number of site, from which a program is offered;
  • the capacity of the program, in terms of the seats within the program;
  • the time reasonably necessary for a student to complete the program;
  • the mode of delivery of the program, being online or in-person;
  • the program being (or not being) a joint program;
  • the credential conferred; or
  • the capital or operating resources needed to provide the program.

For futher details, please refer to the Advanced Education Administration Act: Programs of Study Regulation.

Internal approval processes for a significant modification will vary depending on the approved characteristic being modified.  Please contact the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) for further information.