Employee Wellness

As the largest university in the province, the University of Manitoba employs more than 6000 support and academic staff. Our disability management and employee wellness program is designed to minimize the personal and financial effects of disability.

Employee Wellness collaborates with injured/ill employees, physicians, healthcare providers, union representatives, university management, human resources and third party administrators to identify suitable return to work options.  Of key importance is encouraging the safe return to productive employment by employees on sick leave and ensuring that applications for long-term disability benefits are made by employees who are disabled from performing their duties.  We also facilitate and coordinate graduated return to work programs for injured/ill employees and monitor progress during such critical periods.

Employee Wellness is here to assist your department with:

  • Administering sick leave and attendance management programs
  • Developing return-to-work plans that may involve special accommodations
  • Developing and facilitating training programs related to disability management and return-to-work initiatives

Contact Us:

Bryan Wiebe, Employee Wellness Manager

Arlana Vadnais, Employee Wellness Specialist

Kathy Niziol, Employee Wellness Assistant

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