Performance Conversations and Reviews
Human Resources has the following options for providing feedback to staff.

1) Performance Conversations (short form, NEW)

In June 2018, Human Resources launched resources to help supervisors engage in effective, meaningful performance conversations with employees. The tools are more like a checklist, with the focus on having performance conversations throughout the year:

1. Performance Conversation Coaching Guide

2. Performance Conversation Review

3. Performance Conversation Development Plan

2) Annual Review and Development Plans (long form)

In 2016, Human Resources provided resources to help supervisors review their staff and unit leaders. The tools include more space for documentation, with employees providing self-evaluations and supervisors providing written feedback.

1. Annual Review Guidelines

2. Annual Review and Development Plan: Support Staff

3. Annual Review and Development Plan: Leadership Staff

Whichever resource is chosen, maintaining a review process has a significant influence on the effectiveness and productivity of the employee's performance. Employee engagement is a priority in U of M's strategic plan Taking Our Place, which includes the objective to ensure all employees receive regular feedback to support individual growth, development, success and satisfaction with one's work and learning environment.

If you require assistance with these tools, please contact your HR Consultant.