Resources for Processing Payroll

All Faculty, Unit and Department staff responsible for administering Payroll will require the following information in order to properly process payroll.

Payroll Cut Off Dates - Stay informed as to when payroll needs to be submitted to ensure your employees are paid in a timely manner.

Fiscal Payroll Calendar - Provides details for when the various payroll categories were approved and posted to FAST and Banner. Click here for last Fiscal Payroll Calendar.

Payroll Run Numbers - Provides you with the run numbers you require to look up details in VIP.

Human Resources Forms - VIP Forms

Payroll Staff Directory - Provides you with the contact information for the Payroll Associate specific to your area.

How To Documents - Review the following for assistance with processing payroll

Direct Time Entry Cheat Sheet - A one-page summary for direct time entry procedure.

2019 Tool - For Pilot testing group