Pathway to Success
Welcome to Asper!
Our Asper Pathway to Success Program is for all students newly admitted to the Asper School of Business. Whether you are direct entry or a transfer student, we want to share our community with you from our academic programs, student engagement and connections to the business community.
Over the summer we are offering introductions to our academic programs, information about opportunities like exchange and our co-op program. You’ll also get to know some of our current students and even one another through interactive ice-breakers with some of our student groups.
Schedule of sessions below:

Week One: Academics and Study Abroad (Week of July 13, 2020)
Sessions now available online, login to your email for details.
Week Two: Community Connections at the Asper School (Week of August 10, 2020)
Week Three: The Commerce Week (TCW) (Week of August 24, 2020)

Check out the Commerce Students Association (CSA) “TCW 2020 Playlist” throughout the week to learn more about your student association and be eligible for contests. New videos will drop at 7pm (CDT); Part One on Monday, August 24th and Part Two on Wednesday, August 26th. First off, you’ll meet the executive team, hear who they are, what they do and how to get involved. Later in the week, we’ll showcase our Student Action Groups (STAGs). Each STAG is focused on a specific major that Asper offers, allowing students to meet peers with similar interests and ambitions. The STAGs provide opportunities for their members to partake in social, academic, and professional activities outside of their monthly meetings.

We will also have a session where you will meet other students and learn about our Interactive CSA Information and Icebreaker Workshop, Tuesday, August 25th at 7:00PM (CDT) over Zoom.

We look forward to having you join us online at our Welcome Event for all New-to-Asper students on Friday, October 2, 2020.