Dr. Barry T. Coyle

Graduate Student Coordinator

Room 359 Agriculture Building
Telephone (204) 474-9734
Fax (204) 261-7251
Email: barry.coyle@umanitoba.ca


    Ph.D., University of Maryland
    B.Sc., M.Sc., University of British Columbia
    B.A., University of California at Berkeley

Fields of Study

    Production Economics
    International Trade


    ABIZ/ECON 4120 Intermediate Econometrics
    ABIZ/ECON 7940 Production Economics
    ABIZ/ECON 7630 Theory of International Trade
    ABIZ 7260 Econometrics with Applications in Food, Agribusiness and Resources

Econometric Tool : Shazam Version 9

                                    Production Notes

Current Working Papers

    A Duality Theory of the Competitive Firm under Non-expected Utility",
    2002 (revised) (ABSTRACT)

    "Mean Scaling Theorems for Aggregation over Agents in Production",
    2002 (ABSTRACT)

    "Aggregation over Consumers under Mean Scaling",
    2002 (ABSTRACT)