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Program description

Biochemistry is the study of the chemical composition, activity and constituents of living systems. Both Microbiology and Chemistry share in the teaching and administration of the program. The Honours and cooperative work-study (co-op) programs provide experience in government, private sector and research laboratories.

Program options

Degree options
B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, Honours in Biochemistry – 4 years
B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, Honours in Biochemistry (Co-op) – 5 years
B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, Major in Biochemistry – 4 years
B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, Major in Biochemistry (Co-op) – 5 years

Interesting courses and unique opportunities

Within the Biochemistry programs, you can take courses and conduct research in topics ranging from chemistry to microbiology to biology including: cellular signaling and cancer biology, molecular biology, structural biology, biophysics and bioenergetics, genomics and genetics. Many courses include laboratory components to develop skills in scientific techniques. 

Research opportunities
You can experience research first hand for several summers through Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) and in an honours research project in your last year of undergraduate studies. If you enjoy the experience, you can go on and do your own real independent research project in a Masters or PhD program. There are also opportunities to apply for The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for funding opportunities.

Co-op options
Cooperative-work study options for Major and Honours Programs

Professional opportunities

  • Medical research
  • Public health
  • Natural sciences research
  • Industrial microbiology or chemistry: producing antibiotics, vaccines, bioethanol, enzymes and antibodies

Admission Requirements

Visit the Science Direct Entry (high school applicants) or Advanced Entry (post-secondary applicants) application for admission page to learn more about admission requirements, application dates and how to apply.

What is unique about this program at the U of M?

The Biochemistry Program at the University of Manitoba allows students the opportunity to combine two fascinating areas of life sciences. The program offers excellent faculty members from two departments, all who have externally-funded research programs, including one provincial and two national research chair holders. Students will experience hands-on research opportunities, strong links to other programs in Science and Medicine, good preparation for graduate programs and excellent undergraduate laboratories.

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