Engineering Physics Focus Area

This subject area offers students advanced courses in Physics, in addition to the core and elective courses in Electrical Engineering. The additional content provides students with greater understanding of Physics fundamentals. The range of applications overlap with many Electrical Engineering specialties, and also may include optics and lasers, solid state physics and microelectronic devices, quantum physics, and nanotechnology.


In the standard Electrical Engineering program, seven (7) Technical Elective courses and one (1) Natural Science Elective are required. To complete the Engineering Physics Focus Area, students are required to take a total of seven (7) courses as indicated below, including the four (4) prescribed Engineering Physics courses. Three (3) further courses must be taken from the list of Engineering Physics Elective Courses. To complete the program requirements one (1) additional course must be selected from the elective courses listed in the Electrical Engineering Standard Program.

Prescribed Engineering Physics Courses (All must be completed)

Engineering Physics Technical Elective Courses (3 required)

acrobat Engineering Physics Focus Area Summary and Flowchart


  • The ECE department cannot guarantee space or ensure against time slot conflicts regarding courses taught by other Departments/Faculties.

Recognized Physics/Math Course Equivalencies for Transfer Students from Physics

Recognized Physics Courses:

Students having completed the above recognized courses, will be considered to have achieved content equivalencies provided by the following required courses in the Electrical Engineering Program.

Effective January 2018