Transportation engineering research at the University of Manitoba is conducted by two main groups: the University of Manitoba Transport Information Group (UMTIG) and the Pavement Research Group.

UMTIG is a national leader in research regarding freight transport systems, traffic engineering, and the design and operation of urban infrastructure for pedestrian accommodation. This research involves: 

·         Modelling and characterizing prairie and northern freight transport systems, analyzing freight flow and performance, and understanding impacts on road and rail infrastructure design and maintenance.

·         Managing and operating the Manitoba Highway Traffic Information System (MHTIS), Manitoba’s traffic monitoring program for provincial highways.

·         Accommodating the mobility and accessibility needs of pedestrians (particularly the elderly and people with impairments) through testing advanced monitoring technologies in various environmental conditions and designing and managing urban infrastructure to meet these needs in a safe and equitable manner. 

The Pavement Research Group focuses on design, material characterization,  performance, rehabilitation and management of roads and airfields. The Pavements Laboratory is equipped to test asphalt binders, aggregates, asphalt and concrete mixtures and is capable of applying a range of thermal and moisture conditioning and aging processes to simulate the effects of environment and time on constructed facilities. The group conducts field testing to collect distress surveys, road roughness, surface texture, surface characteristics and structural capacity. Recent research projects involved: 

·         3D modeling of surface microtexture and macrotexture, and relating surface characteristics to friction and noise.

·         Characterization of asphalt concrete, subgrade and base layers to generate design inputs for the mechanistic-empirical pavement design software (Pavement-ME).

·         Stabilization of base layers using asphalt emulsions for cold regions applications.

·         Laboratory and field performance of bituminous overlays containing recycled asphalt roofing shingles.

·         Evaluation of cementitious materials and construction processes for partial depth repair of concrete pavements

·         Performance-based selection criteria for pavement joint sealants and crack fillers in cold climates

Professors in Transportation:
Dr. Babak Mehran, P.Eng.
Dr. Jonathan Regehr, P.Eng.
Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, P.Eng.