Short Term Assessment & Treatment (STAT) Program (HSC)

Program Overview

The Short Term Assessment & Treatment (STAT) Program is a multidisciplinary program located at the Health Sciences Centre that provides day hospital and outpatient programs for patients requiring acute psychiatric intervention in the context of a focal crisis or destabilization, or who would otherwise benefit from short-term, intensive interventions. Patients referred to the STAT Program primarily present with Adjustment Disorders, Personality Disorder-based difficulties, and a range of comorbid diagnoses including Mood Disorders and Anxiety Disorders.

The STAT Program utilizes an intensive (5 day/week) day hospital program that is primarily group therapy based, and is of a time-limited nature (5 weeks). The STAT Day Hospital Program provides time-limited individual psychotherapies as well as psychoeducational and solution-focused group therapies, intensive case management, marital and family consultative therapy, as well as pharmacological therapies.The group therapies include elements derived from Dialectical Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

The STAT Program receives approximately 350 to 400 referrals per year for acute care day hospital/outpatient-based treatment from emergency room physicians from the Health Sciences Centre, other PsycHealth programs, St. Boniface General Hospital, and community physicians.

The STAT Program also addresses the intermediate to long-term needs of patients suffering from characterologic disorders through Dialectical Behaviour Therapy interventions on an outpatient basis.

The STAT Day Hospital Program treats approximately 15 patients at any given time in the day hospital program, and approximately 80 to 100 outpatients who are seen for a short term follow-up (2-3 months) after Day Hospital attendence. There are three Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Skills Training groups, serving approximately 30 patients who attend on a weekly basis for approximately one to two years. There is an opportunity for residents to do elective training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, which represents a unique opportunity to become trained in an evidence-based psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder. This training opportunity is limited to a few post-graduate training sites in Canada, and supervision is provided by Dr. A. Kettner and Dr. L. Katz, who have both received intensive training in DBT. Dr. Katz is a nationally-recognized trainer in DBT and provides consultation and teaching to centres in Canada and the United States.

The STAT Program provides a learning experience for students from a variety of disciplines including psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, occupational therapy and social work. It provides for clinical exposure and an opportunity to develop personal comfort in working with patients with prominent and often complex interpersonal Axis II difficulties. An ongoing literature review and case rounds are undertaken with a focus on the diagnostic assessment and treatment of individuals with significant Axis II character pathology.

PGY4/5 residents may be assigned for senior elective placements on the STAT Program on a full or part-time basis. This elective may be taken in conjunction with an elective in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy or other electives.

The STAT Program is located in the PX1 area of the PsycHealth Centre and is staffed by three part-time psychiatrists, five psychiatric nurses, two social workers and an occupational therapist.


Short Term Assessment and Treatment Program (STAT)
PX199 PsycHealth Centre
Health Sciences Centre
771 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3E 3N4

Phone: (204) 787-3200
Fax: (204) 787-3250

Medical Director
Dr. Eytan Perl

Staff Psychiatrists

Dr. Leon Mowchun
Dr. Adrian Kettner