Current Research Projects
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Anxiety, Adult

Faculty: Dr. Gillian Alcolado, Dr. Patricia Furer, Dr. Laine Torgrud

Funding: University Research Grants Program

Alcolado, G., Furer, P., Torgrud, L. Brief cognitive intervention for compulsive checking – a stepped care approach

Bernstein, M. [dissertation], Furer, P., Alcolado, G. Evaluating information needs and currently available information to meet the needs of persons with anxiety disorders

Boram Lee, J., Lionberg, C., Alcolado, G. Reducing No-Shows in Perinatal Mental Health Clinics in Winnipeg

Furer, P., Alcolado, G., Reynolds, K. Understanding and treating anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum

Furer, P., Alcolado, G., Torgrud, L. Evaluation of a large group intervention for anxiety

Petty, S. [dissertation], Furer, P., Alcolado. Women’s anxiety symptoms and psychological treatment-seeking during the perinatal period

Reynolds, K., Furer, P., Alcolado, G. Information needs regarding perinatal anxiety

Reynolds, K., Furer, P., Alcolado, G. Informed choices anxiety website project

Reynolds, K., Furer, P., Alcolado, G. Women’s mental health literacy and information preferences concerning perinatal anxiety

Reynolds, K., Furer, P., Alcolado, G. Anxiety in the perinatal period: Examining symptom severity, subtypes, and comorbidity in a central Canadian sample

Chronic Pain & Chronic Disease 

Faculty: Dr. Anna Marie Carlson, Dr. Renee El-Gabalawy, Dr. Lesley Graff, Dr. Pam Holens (see Military and Veteran Health),  Dr. Gregg Tkachuk, Dr. Brigitte Sabourin, Dr. Norah Vincent

Funding: Academic Oversight Grant Department of Anesthesiology (Perioperative and Pain Medicine), CHP Research Committee, Canadian Institute of Health Research, Chronic Pain Network, HSC Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Tri-Agency New Frontiers in Research Fund, University of Manitoba Collaborative Research Grant

Deschamps, A., El-Gabalawy, R., Avidan, M., Jacobsohn, E., & Saha, T. Electroencephalography guidance of anesthesia to alleviate geriatric syndromes (ENGAGES-CANADA) study in cardiac surgery patients: A pragmatic, randomized clinical trial

El-Gabalawy, R. Epidemiological investigations of chronic pain conditions and psychiatric disorders

El-Gabalawy, R., Hebbard, P., Mota, N., Reynolds, K., Mutch, A., Mutter, T., Arora, R., & Maples, J. A targeted preoperative virtual reality intervention with artificial intelligence integration for anxiety in patients undergoing breast cancer surgery

El-Gabalawy, R., Kornelsen, J., Mackenzie, C., Asmundson, G., Bohm, E., & Macdonald, H.The health impact of mindfulness based stress reduction on total knee arthroplasty

El-Gabalawy, R., Mackenzie, C., Bernstein, M., Sareen, J., Hitchon, C. Anxiety and inflammatory arthritis: The role of indicators of disease severity and chronic pain

El-Gabalawy, R., Sabourin, B.,  Amadeo, R., Graff, L., Senn, J., Shay, B., Skrabek R., & Tkachuk, G. Improving access to pain interventions for patients with chronic pain through a web-based program – ‘Managing Pain: Tools for Life’

Lints-Martindale, A., Hadjistavropoulos, T. Pain assessment and management among seniors with and without dementia

Marrie, R., Bernstein, C. N., Bolton, J., Fisk, J., Graff, L.A., Katz, A., Hitchon, C., Marriott, J., Patten, S., Sareen, J., Walker, J., & Zarychanski, R. Psychiatric comorbidity in chronic immunoinflammatory disease

Marrie, R., Fiske, J., Graff, L.A., Mazerolle, E., Kornelson, J., Bernstein, C. N., Bolton, J., Marriot, J., & Figley, J. Comorbidity, cognition and multiple sclerosis

Mutter, T., El-Gabalawy, R., Mota, N., Hebbard, P., Bolton, J., Pitz, M. A retrospective cohort study of oncologic, medical, and mental health-related correlates and outcomes of breast cancer surgery

Sabourin, B., El-Gabalawy, R., Amadeo, R., Graff, L.A., Senn, J., Shay, B., Skrabek, B., & Tkachuk, G. Improving access to chronic pain interventions through web-based programming

Simister, H., Tkachuk, G., Shay, B., Vincent, N., Pear, J. & Skrabek, R. Online acceptance and commitment therapy for fibromyalgia

Tisseverasinghe, A., El-Gabalawy, R., Hitchon, C., Shafer, L.A., Peshken C., & Afifi, T. Associations between adverse life experiences and clinical outcomes in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Tkachuk, G., Sabourin, B., Holens, P. Acceptance-based psychological therapy for chronic pain: clinical outcomes

Turcotte, D., Tkachuk, G., Sabourin, B. & Amadeo, R. Interprofessional approaches to opioid reduction

Developmental Neuropsychology

Faculty: Dr. Nicole Taylor

Taylor, N. Factors predictive of a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Neuropsychological assessment

Taylor, N. Neuropsychological assessment and FASD in adolescence: Which measures best predict an FASD diagnosis?

Taylor, N. Psychological interventions in FASD

Taylor, N. Cognitive assessment and FASD

Taylor, N. Factors predictive of a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Caregiver and teacher rating scales

Taylor, N. Tracking developmental trajectories in FASD using a longitudinal design

Taylor, N. Trauma and resiliency in FASD


Faculty: Dr. David Hill, Dr. Sabrina Demetrioff

Funding: Manitoba Patient Access Network, Health Sciences Centre Foundation

Casiano, H., Demetrioff, S., Ireland, D. Understanding forensic mental health assessment requests: A survey of judges and lawyers

Hill, D., Demetrioff, S. Forensic Psychology practice in Canada: A survey of current practices and attitudes among Clinical Forensic Psychologists

Hill, D., Demetrioff, S., Casiano H. Crocker A. Examining the long-term health outcomes of individuals found Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) and unfit to stand trial in Manitoba’s forensic mental health system. 

Hill, D., Demetrioff, S., Johnson, E., & Waldman, J. The expansion of Mental Health Court: Processing individuals with mental health problems in the criminal justice system

Waldman, J., Demetrioff, S., Hill, D. Daily delivery and supervision of psychotropic medication for high-risk patients with severe and persistent mental illness

Gastrointestinal Illnesses

Faculty: Dr. Trish Furer, Dr. Lesley Graff

Funding: CIHR; Crohns Colitis Canada

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Projects
Marrie, R. Bernstein, C. N., Graff, LA., Hitchins, C. Katz, A., Sareen, J., Bolton, J.,&  Lix, L.
Psychiatric comorbidity in chronic immunoinflammatory diseases: Multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease

Bernstein, C.N., Kornelson, J., Marrie, R.A., Bolton, J., Graff, L.A., Lix, L., Figley, C., Targownik, L., & Fisk, J.  The brain imaging of psychiatric comorbidity and their relationship to fatigue in IBD

Moayeddi, P., Bernstein, C.N., Bercik, P., Collins, S., Eksteen, J., Fedorak, R., Kaplan, G., MacQueen, Vanner, S., Targownik, L., Graff, L.A., Furer, P. et al.  The SPOR chronic disease network IMAGINE study: Inflammation, microbiome and alimentation: Gastro-intestinal and neuropsychiatric effects

Celiac Disease Projects
Silvester, J., Duerksen D,  Graff, LA., & Kelly, C. Factors associated with mucosal recovery in celiac disease. Improving gluten free diet adherence

IPAA Projects
Padival, V., Shen, B., & Graff, L.A. Ileal-pouch anal anastomosis and floppy pouch complications

Learning and Clinical Practice

Faculty: Dr. Lesley Graff, Dr. Maxine Holmqvist, Dr. Andrea Piotrowski

Drapeau, M., Holmqvist, M., Wolfe, V., Mushquash, C., Mushquash, A., Korner, A., Pennestri, M.H., Gosselin, J., Dozois, D., Piotrowski, A., Lavoie, K., & Tasca, G. Increasing the dissemination of best practices in psychology: Practice guidelines, practice-research networks, clinical tools, progress tracking, and evidence based practice (development of a web-based resource)

Garland, A., Graff, L., Dodek, P., Bice, T., Sexton, K., Naeem, A., Driedger, M., Carson, S., & Yang, C. The relationship between critical care physicians’ characteristics and their clinical practice patterns



Mental Health

Faculty: Dr. Norah Vincent

Funding: Research Manitoba

Keough, M., O’Connor, R., Vincent, N., & Johnson, E. Testing the efficacy of an online self-help treatment for comorbid alcohol misuse and emotional problems in young adult Manitobans: A randomized Controlled trial (RCT). 

Mental Illness

Faculty: Dr. Maxine Holmqvist, Dr. Valerie Krysanski, Dr. Colleen Murphy, Dr. Ronak Patel, Dr. Andrea Piotrowski 
Katz, A., & Holmqvist, M. Primary Prevention of Mental Health Disorders

Krysanski, V., Illing, V., Tasca, G.The Knowledge of Eating Disorders Scale – Development and Psychometric Validation

Krysanski, V., Salem, S. Modified dialectical behaviour therapy for borderline personality disorder – treatment outcomes and factors impacting treatment

Krysanski, V., Woods Frohlich, L. Evaluating treatment outcomes in a modified cognitive behaviour group intervention

Murphy, C., Patel, R., & Piotrowksi, A. Examining the effectiveness of cognitive remediation in first episode psychosis

Military and Veteran Health

Faculty:  Dr. Gillian Alcolado, Dr. Sarah Chaulk, Dr. Renee El-Gabalawy, Dr. Patricia Furer, Dr. Elizabeth Hebert, Dr. Pamela Holens, Dr. Maxine Holmqvist, Dr. Natalie Mota, Dr. Ronak Patel, Dr. David Podnar, Dr. Debbie Whitney

Funding: CHP Department, Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB) & Research and Workplace Innovation Program, Bell/True Patriot Love Fund

Averill, L., Smith.,N., Holens, P., Sippel, L., Bellmore, A., Mota, N., Sareen, J., Southwick, S., Pietrzak, R. Sex differences in risk and resilience factors associated with military sexual trauma.

Hebert, E.A., Alcolado, G.M, & Furer, P. Piloting a group-based CBT protocol for intolerance of uncertainty

Holens, P. L., Buhler, J., Joyal, B., Libbrecht, A., & Romaniuk, A. The impact of a DBT Skills group on borderline traits and general functioning in military and police populations

Holens, P. L., Buhler, J., Paluszek, M., Klassen, K., Imbrogno, L., & Sharpe, D. Examining the relationship between childhood abuse and suicidal behaviors in a clinical sample of military, paramilitary, and veterans

Holens, P., Klassen, K., Buhler, J., Gilberto, A., Simister, H. Development and evaluation of an online Acceptance-Based Behavioural Therapy for chronic pain management in a military population

Holens, P. L., Paluszek, M., Libbrecht, A., & Romaniuk, A. A patient-informed qualitative review of an Internet-based treatment for chronic pain in military and police populations

Klassen, K., Holens, P. Yoga for treatment of chronic pain in RCMP, military personnel and veterans

Mota, N., Magid, K., Sommer, J., Rothney, J., El-Gabalawy, R., Hebert, E. Abbreviated and intensive/massed forms of cognitive behavioral therapies for PTSD: A systematic review

Mota, N., Sommer, J., Kristjanson, K., Sippel, L., Smith, N., Holens, P., Podnar, D., Chaulk, S. The Role of interpersonal factors in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and suicidal behavior

Patel, R. (PI), Ko, JH (PI), Chaulk, S (Co-I), Ryner, l (Co-I) Identification of neuroimaging-based biomarkers in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Podnar, D., Chaulk, S., Whitney, D. Evaluation of group-based Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for Canadian military/RCMP members and veterans

Sareen, J. (PI), Sala, T., Kinley, J., Mota, N., Katz, L., Logsetty, S., Wong, J., Whitney, D., Holens, P., Carleton, N., Asmundson, G., Hadjistavropoulos, H.,  Online and classroom delivered mindfulness-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy course for building workplace resilience:  A pilot randomized controlled trial.

Whitney, D.L.  Resilience as a trauma therapist.

Whitney, D.L.,Laforce, J. C. & Klassen, K.  Treatment of service-related posttraumatic stress disorder via telehealth

Whitney, D.L., Klassen, K., Holmqvist, M., Bailly, M., Abou-Setta, A.M., Friesen, C., & Zarychanski, R. Effectiveness and safety of videoconference psychotherapy for PTSD:  A systematic review and meta-analysis

Whitney, D.L., Maxsom, C., Sareen, J., Sala, T. & Kinley, J.  Guided self-help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression in veterans

Whitney, D., Maxsom, C., Sareen, J., Sala, T., Wong, J., Diocee, S., Thakur, V., Kinley, J., Mota, N.  A chart review of OSIC CBTm classes in military and police populations

Whitney, D. (PI), Sareen, J., Sala, T., Kinley, J., Wong, J., Maxsom, C., Classroom-delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with mindfulness course for mental resilience.

Neuropsychology & Rehabilitation

Faculty: Dr. Lesley Ritchie, Dr. Colleen Millikin, Dr. Ronak Patel

Funding: Team Grant: University Collaborative Research Program, Team Grant: The Paul HT Thorlakson Foundation Fund, Team Grant: Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine Grant, University Research Grant Program, University of Manitoba, CHP Research Committee, CIHR Catalyst Grant, Workers Compensation Board of Canada

El-Gabalawy, R., Mutch, A., Patel, R. et al. Comprehensive evaluation of pre-surgical prognostic factors of post-operative delirium.

Fischer, C;  Millikin, C, Schweizer, T, Ismail, Z, Smith, E, Munoz, D,  Lix, Lisa, Shelton, P. Neuroimaging Correlates of Delusions in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias

Marrie, R. A., Patel, R., Figley, C. R., Kornelsen, J. Bolton, J. M., Graff, L., Mazerolle, E. L., Marriott, J. J., Bernstein, C. N., &  Fisk, J. D. Comorbidity and Cognition in Multiple Sclerosis (CCOMS). Diabetes and anxiety adversely affect cognition in multiple sclerosis.

Millikin, C., Fischer, C., Ismail, Z. Development and Stability of Delusions Across the Spectrum from Normal Aging to Dementia   

Millikin, C., Fischer, C., Schweizer, T, Chow, T, Ismail, Z., Lix, L. Shelton, P., Fisher, N. Neuroimaging Profiles of Neuropsychiatric Subgroups in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Alzheimer’s Disease

Millikin, C., Shelton, P., Marotta, J. Neuropsychological functioning in patients with posterior cortical atrophy 

Patel, R., Fredborg, B., & Girard, T.A., Sex differences in the emotional enhancement of memory.

Patel, R., Joshi, J., & Figley, C. Long-term neuropsychological performance and structural neuroimaging findings in limbic encephalitis: A case study.

Patel, R., Ko, J., et al. Investigating the functional neuroanatomy of PTSD before and after cognitive processing therapy. 

Patel, R., Silla, F., Pierce, S., Theule, J., & Girard, T.A. Examining the effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) on cognitive functioning in healthy adults: A quantitative meta-analysis. 

Ritchie, L. & Kilgour, A. Adaptive Behavioral Inventory for Acquired Brain Injury (ABI-4-ABI).

Ritchie, L. & Kilgour, A. An Enriched Goal Management Training Program for Persons with Executive Dysfunction.

Ritchie, L., Gawryluk, J., & Kilgour, A.  Pattern of performance on the Ruff-Light Trail Learning Test performance in patients with right versus left hemisphere seizure disorder.

Ritchie, L., Gawryluk, J., & Kilgour, A. Establishment of new normative data for the CLOX and SDMT.

Russell, K., Ellis, M., Ritchie, L., Mutch, A., & Leiter, J. Collaborative assessment of adolescent hockey players with and without a sports-related concussion. 

Russell, K., Ellis, M., Ritchie, L., Sharma, A. Functioning after a sport-related concussion in youth: A longitudinal cohort.

Wright, N., Patel, R., Chaulk, S., Alcolado, G., Podnar, D., Mota, N., Monson, C. M., Girard, T. A., & Ko, J. Functional neuroimaging pattern associated with posttraumatic stress disorder.

Rural and Northern Psychology

Faculty: Dr. Greg Gibson, Dr. Amanda Lints-Martindale, Dr. AnnaMarie Carlson, Dr. Norah Vincent, Dr. John Walker, Dr. Andrea Piotrowski

Dyck, K., Lints-Martindale, A., Vincent, N., Walker, J. R., Piotrowski, A., Abdulrehman, R. Strengthening primary care:  Using stepped care to improve services for anxiety and depression in underserved populations

Gibson, G., Senchuk-Lavergne, C. Measuring the effectiveness of a cognitive-behavioural treatment group for adults with obsessive-compulsive disorder in South Western Manitoba

Lints-Martindale, A., Lippens, T. Capacity building within rural mental health programs

Sleep Disorders

Faculty: Dr. Norah Vincent, 

Funding: Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, Research Manitoba

El-Matary, W., Bernstein, C., Vincent, N., Huynh, H., Jacobson, K., Wine, E., & deBruyn, J. Identifying a brief sleep screener for disease relapse in children with inflammatory bowel disease.

Harris, C., Vincent, N., (co-PI) Wilson, K., Tay, J., Jiang., D.  Randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of online treatment for insomnia in cancer survivors and evaluation of treatment-related side effects

Ng, M., Ritchie, L., Serletis, D., Ko, J., & Vincent, N.  Investigating circadian epilepsy therapies into oneiric neuromodulation. 

Quintana, J., & Vincent, N. Efficacy of sleeping without pills (SWOP), an online drug tapering program: A randomized controlled trial.

Vincent, N., Harris, C., Wilson, K., & Jiang., D. Effectiveness and side-effects associated with treatment of insomnia among cancer survivors.

Trauma & Health

Faculty: Dr. Renée El-Gabalawy, Dr. Natalie Mota

Funding: University of Manitoba Research Grants Program, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine Academic Oversight  Committee Internal Grants, University of Manitoba Start-Up Funding

Allak, Y., El-Gabalawy, R., Stein, M., Enns, M., Raskind, M., Sala, T., Sareen, J. An open label 8 week trial examining the effectiveness of Prazosin in reducing symptoms of anxiety

Braun, J., El-Gabalawy, R., Pietrzak, R.H., Mitchell, K., Mota, N. Post-traumatic stress disorder and binge eating behaviour in a population-based US sample
El-Gabalawy, R.,  Pitz, M., Bolton, J., Mota, N., Mutter, T. A retrospective cohort study of oncologic, medical, and mental health-related correlates and outcomes of breast cancer surgery

El-Gabalawy, R., Jacobsohn, E., Wourms, V., Chowdhury, T.,…Avidan, M. ENGAGES-CANADA: A pragmatic randomized controlled trial examining perioperative factors, including depth of anesthesia, and complications predicting delirium and post-traumatic stress disorder

El-Gabalawy, R., Mackenzie, C., Sareen, J., Bernstein, M., & Hitchon, C. A longitudinal investigation of the relationship between indicators of severity and anxiety among rheumatoid arthritis patients

El-Gabalawy, R., Mackenzie, C., Sareen, J., MacDonald, K., Srinathan, S. Pre-operative mental health characteristics and distress predicting perioperative complications in adults undergoing non-cardiac surgery

El-Gabalawy, R., Siddiqui, F., Eschun, G., & Kowalski, S. The psychological consequences of speaking in weaning patients with tracheostomies: A randomized controlled trial examining the impact of tracheal cuff deflation

Ko, J.H., Mota, N. (PIs), Sareen, J., Wong, J., & Carleton, N. Do cognitive behavioral therapy skills classes increase a resiliency-related brain connectivity pattern to posttraumatic stress disorder?

Larsen, S.E., Pacella, M.L., Garfin, D., Mota, N., Hunt, J., deRoon-Cassini, T.A. Inconsistencies in the reporting of perceived trauma severity among acute physical injury survivors

Starzyk, K., El-Gabalawy, R., Mackenzie, C. An investigation of prosocial outcomes in post-traumatic growth in university and community-based samples

Uchida, M., Feng, H., Feder, A., Mota, N., Schechter, C.B., Woodworth, H., Southwick, S.M., Pietrzak, R.H. Parental posttraumatic stress and child behavioral problems in World Trade Center responders