COVID-19 Updates

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 Anesthesia and Health Care System Risk Escalation 

 Anesthesia/Surgery Incident Command Membership 

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1.  Interim COVID-19 Obstetric Anesthesia Guidelines   15-July-20

2.   Obstetrical Anesthesia - Operating Room PPE Protocol    9-July-20

3.   The New Normal   1-May-20  

4.  COVID-19  Expanded Testing Criteria   28-April-20

5.  Thoracic Anesthesia in COVID Suspect and Positive Patients    9-April-20 

6.  ECT COVID-19 Guidelines   9-April 20

7.  COVID-19 PEDIATRIC Intubation Checklist   6-April-20

8.   COVID-19 Prone Protocol   6-April-20

9.   COVID-19  ICU Protected Intubation  2-April-20

10.  COVID-19  Ward Code Blue Guidelines  2-April-20

11.  COVID-19 Protected Code Blue   2-April-20 

12.  Guidelines on PPE for intubation and other AGMPs  30-Mar-20  

13.  COVID-19 Anesthesia OR PPE Cart  28-Mar-20

14.  COVID-19 Extubation Guideline  26-Mar-20

15.  COVID-19 Intubation Checklist  19-Mar-20

16.  Hand Hygiene

17.  PPE - On 

18.  PPE - Off

19.  N95 Masks

20.  COVID-19 Anesthesia Machine Setup Instructions Here

21.  Resident Involvement in the treatment of COVID-19 patients  27-Mar-20

22.  COVID-19  Virtual Intubation 


1.  How to put on and take off PPE

Removing PPE Video: *Please note that face protection (goggles or face shield and N95 masks) should be removed outside of the room/unit where a COVID-19 patient has been intubated. Airborne Infection Isolation rooms (AIIR) or negative pressure isolations will usually have an anteroom where this aforementioned equipment must be removed.

2.  Sunnybrook PPE Video(note removal technique for a face shield):


COVID-19 Important Literature 

COVID-19 Update   27-May-20  Dr. E. Buchel

Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Update - Drs. I. Ripstein, R. Brown, P. Mykytiuk, G. Harding    20-May-20

 COVID-19: 8 Weeks Later  - Dr. D. Funk  13-May-20

COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Update #6 - Dr. Grocott  22-April-20

COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Update #4 - Drs. Christodoulou, Buchel, Lother   8-April-20

COVID-19 Update # 2 - Drs. McPherson, Buchel, Jones, Christodoulou   25-Mar-20 

COVID-19 Update # 1 - Dr. Chris Christodoulou 18-Mar-20 

COVID-19 Update # 1 - Dr. Duane Funk  18-Mar-20  

 Anesthesia Grand Rounds Video Archive