International Exchange Opportunities


Student Exchange programs in the Faculty of Architecture allow students to expand their horizons, meet new people and have new adventures. Studying abroad gives students the experiences to change how they perceive the world.  It helps them to learn outside their comfort zone, and enables them to expand their life skills to be a true global citizen. The Exchanges programs are not just about learning, but also about having fun!

The Faculty of Architecture has five exchange programs with the following institutions:

University of South Australia - Australia (Adelaide) *managed by the International Centre
KU Leuven - Belgium (Ghent & Brussels)
Technical University Munich - Germany (Munich (Arch) & Freising (LA))
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - Sweden (Alnarp, Umea & Uppsala)
University of Liverpool - United Kingdom (Liverpool)
Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences - Germany

The following students are eligible to participate in an exchange opportunity:

3rd and 4th year B.Env.D (Architecture) & Master of Architecture
KU Leuven
Technical University Munich (Munich)
University of Liverpool
University of South Australia                      

3rd and 4th year B.Env.D (Interior Environments) & Master of Interior Design

KU Leuven
University of South Australia                 

3rd and 4th year B.Env.D (Landscape & Urbanism) & Master of Landscape Architecture

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Technical University Munich (Friesing)  
Osnabruck University of Applied Science s- Germany

Master of City Planning
KU Leuven
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
University of South Australia

To learn more about studying abroad contact:
Yvonne Halden
Faculty Exchange Coordinator
204 474 8769


Outbound Exchange
Opportunitites Process

Inbound Exchange
Opportunitites Process

For more University of Manitoba International Exchange opportunities visit the International Centre for further information.


Garth Woolison

Garth Woolison MLA (SLU- Sweden)

"My year in Sweden has contributed greatly to my education, not only through the variety of courses and material studied, but the experience of not simply visiting, but living in another locale. Having the opportunity to work in both Uppsala and Alnarp, I gained a well-rounded feeling for the Swedish culture, their affinity for the natural environment, the importance of community, and their adoration of fika (the ritualistic love for coffee breaks)! To be Swedish is to spend time outdoors, and with an extensive and well-maintained urban and rural cycling network and abundance of naturalized areas, this made it easy to explore the greater part of many cities and the picturesque countryside. It is a great opportunity for any student pursuing to further their experience in the Landscape or Urbanism field.”