Flash Fest x MALA

In October 2019, MALA will be hosting a design charrette to bring together professionals and students to discuss ways to influence the public’s perception of landscape through frames. Whether literal or figurative, frames are a deliberate design decision made to encourage a certain understanding and experience. Join us for lunch on September 26th as we discuss how these frames, conceived at the design charrette on October 6th, will be integrated into the Manitoba landscape as part of the first MALA x Flashfest Collaboration. The frames will be able to be viewed throughout the month of April 2020 as part of the annual Flash Fest and World Landscape Architecture Month.

The Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects (MALA) is a component association of the CSLA and has represented Landscape Architects in the province of Manitoba since 1973. Did you know September is Landscape Architecture Month in Manitoba? Every year, the Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects compiles a growing list of events around Winnipeg to celebrate landscape architecture in the province. Visit mala.net for more information.


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Food for Thought
Thursday, September 26, 2019
Noon  |  Centre Space
John A. Russell Building
Faculty of Architecture
University of Manitoba

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