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Canada’s Diversity Gardens; Whatever Happened to the Design Development Phase

Assiniboine Park is embarking on the third phase of the $200 million Imagine a Place Campaign with the design of Canada’s Diversity Gardens. The Assiniboine Park redevelopment campaign has completed its first two phases. Phase 1 included the Nature Playground, the expansion of the Riley Family Duck Pond, and the building of the Qualico Family Centre. Phase 2 was focused on the Zoo including the creation of the internationally award winning Journey to Churchill exhibit.

Canada’s Diversity Gardens is a $70 million horticultural attraction that will be located in the southeast corner of Assiniboine Park. It will have four cornerstone attractions including The Leaf, and three main outdoor spaces — the Indigenous Peoples’ Gardens, the Cultural Mosaic Gardens and The Grove.

Doug Corbett is the Executive Architect for the project, providing advocacy and consulting to Assiniboine Park Conservancy and the international consultant team. He will present the design for the project and discuss the unique aspects of the iconic Leaf building including the design process, innovative ETFE roof structure, environmental challenges related to the horticultural biomes, and sustainable strategies the Park is attempting with the project and the development of Canada’s Diversity Gardens.

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Food for Thought
Thursday, March 16, 2017
12PM | Centre Space
John A. Russell Building
Faculty of Architecture
University of Manitoba