WordPerfect (7.0) is a document processor with character and graphical interfaces.

Corel® WordPerfect® 8.0 for UNIX has powerful word processing plus sophisticated drawing, charting and table capabilities all in a single software solution. A

utomated tools and text-editing enhancements like Grammatik®, that rewrites incorrect sentences with a click of the mouse, allow you to produce error-free documents quickly and easily.

Both version 7.0 and 8.0 of WordPerfect are available on Unix systems.


To start WordPerfect version 7.0 on an X window system, type wpor click the icon "Word Perfect 7" in "Local_Apps".

To start WordPerfect version 8.0 on an X window system type


RelatedWordPerfect has no man page, but it has interactive help available. To learn WordPerfect click "Help" from "WordPerfect" window then choose "Online Help".

There are PDF (portable document format) User Guides available:


WordPerfect 8 will not work on Solaris 8 systems.