S-Plus provides a popular platform for business intelligence and decision support applications that leverage state-of-the-art statistical analysis and visualization methods. S-PLUS 6 includes new capabilities for linear and nonlinear mixed-effects models, a major upgrade to survival analysis tools, two new libraries: missing data and robust statistics, and more

Now, for the first time on UNIX you can access the powerful statistical and graphing techniques of S-PLUS through an intuitive, point-and-click graphical user interface. Easily import and export your data, run statistical analyses, and create insightful graphs. You can also integrate S-PLUS with your applications using CONNECT/Java. Let S-PLUS provide you with powerful statistical data mining and predictive modeling capabilities.


To start Splus, type splus at unix prompt.

To quit from the Splus, type "q()" at Splus prompt ">".

You can view the man page by clicking this button:

If you need help at any time during an Splus session, you can obtain it easily with Splus's menu-driven help system. To call up the help system, type "help.start()" at Splus prompt ">". If you know the function's name and want to learn more about the function you can use "? " to access the help. For instance, "? help.start" will explain what help.start function does.