BSVC is a microprocessor simulation framework written in C++ and Tcl/Tk.

The BSVC distribution contains:

  • Motorola 68000 simulator & assembler (Supports the M68681 Dual UART)
  • Motorola 68360 simulator (CPU32 like simulator)
  • BSVC Graphical User Interface (written in Tcl/Tk)
  • BSVC Simulator Framework (C++ classes)

To start the simulator type


on any shell command line.

To run a sample:

  1. Choose "File / Open Setup..."
  2. Navigate to the directory /usr/local/share/BSVC/samples/m68000
  3. Click on "serial.setup" then "Open"
  4. After the simulator window opens, choose "File / Load Program..."
  5. Open "tutor.h68"
  6. Click "Reset" and then "Run"
Documentation Online

The HTML online manual is available. Or for offline reading, a Postscript manual is available. Enter at a shell prompt

cd /usr/local/share/BSVC/doc/Manual/ps lpr


The BSVC Home Page resides at Redline Labs. You can find a FAQ there that may answer some questions.

A mailing list for BSVC has been setup. The mailing list will be used for discussions concerning BSVC including bug reports, enhancements reports, and general usage tips. Anyone who uses BSVC regularly should probably subscribe to the mailing list.

To subscribe to the BSVC mailing list send the following message to

subscribe bsvc end

Once you've subscribed you can send messages to everyone on the mailing list by mailing them to

For more information on using the majordomo mailing list server send the following message to

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