The ANSYS 6.0 Product Suite includes its time-tested, industry-leading applications for structural, thermal, mechanical, computational fluid dynamics, and electromagnetic analyses, as well as solutions for transient impact analysis.

ANSYS software solves for the combined effects of multiple forces, accurately modeling combined behaviors resulting from "multiphysics" interactions. The software also features advanced nonlinear material simulation and the best solvers money can buy.

For more information on the capabilities of this software check out the vendor site.

Using Ansy

To start Ansys 6.0 from a command line type: xansys or you can start from the CDE Application Manager. The xansys icon can be found in the Local_Apps or Programs folder depending on which system you are logged into.


An extensive help is available from within the Product. Just click Help on a menubar and select ANSYS Help from the list.

The University of Alberta has a nice tutorial