Accessing a Shared Mailbox in Outlook 2007

Note: Once this procedure is performed, the shared mailbox will remain in Outlook until it is removed. You cannot access a shared mailbox unless you have permissions to the account. If you do not have permission to open the shared mailbox, contact the administrators of the account so that they can grant you access.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007. Log into your Exchange account using your full e-mail address and Directory password.
2. Click on the Tools menu and then Account Settings.

3. Select your UManitoba Exchange account in the list of e-mail accounts. Click the Change button.

4. The Change E-mail account box will pop up. Click the More Settings button.

5. The Exchange Account settings window will pop up. Click the Advanced Tab.
6. Under Open these additional mailboxes, click Add.

7. Under Add Mailbox, type in the username of the account that you want to add without the Click OK.

8. The mailbox will appear in the additional mailboxes list. Click OK, then Next, then Finish.

9. Click Close on the Account Settings window.
10. The New Mailbox will be located in the side menu. Click on the (+) next to the generic mailbox to expand and see the folders within the generic account.

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