Instructions for installing Linux VPN

VPN Client Software for Linux

Pulse Secure Quickstart Guide for Linux

1. Download the correct installer from using wget command from:
example: "wget"
2. Run the Installation Command:
• Debian – based installation
dpkg -i <package name>

• RPM – based installation
rpm -ivh <package name>
3. Then run the dependencies installation Command:
• 64 bit machines
/usr/local/pulse/ install_dependency_packages

• 32 bit machines:
/usr/local/pulse/ install_dependency_packages
4. After all dependencies have been installed successfully you can initiate a VPN connection via CLI using:
/usr/local/pulse/pulsesvc -h -u <UMNetID> -r "Active Directory (Staff Only)"
Students can connect to pulse secure using these instructions but they will need to change the Realm (the parameter for the -r option) to:
"General Access (Students and Vendors)"


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