Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network is used to allow offsite users to access secured/restricted resources.The VPN utilizes public resources such as the Internet to provide remote users with secure access to the U of M's network. It allows the authentication and encryption of data between the remote user's computer and the campus network.

Who are eligible?

The VPN service is available to faculty and staff (requires confirmation from a supervisor) and students (requires confirmation from a professor). Users with a valid UMNetID and Password can simply download and install the client software.

When to use?

Access to network resources, secure web pages, etc. that require you to be connected to the University network.
Protect sensitive information like passwords, research data and other personal information when they are transmitted between your remote computer and the University network.
Access to network resources that are inaccessible from off-campus because of firewall and other access control restrictions.

VPN Client Software and Configuration Steps

VPN Gateway

What is the VPN Gateway?

Use the VPN Gateway when you are unable to install the VPN client software on a computer or if you wish to access secured U of M resourcesvia a web browser. The VPN Gateway gives you more flexibility in terms of access to your University resources from any computer with a web browser.

Configuring Office 365 Email on non-Windows Devices

The University is migrating mail services to Microsoft 365 to provide mail services to all staff, students, alumni and retirees. Instructions for other non-Windows devices can be found here.

Using SMB to map drives for Mac OS

What is SMB drive mapping?

SMB allows you to mount a remote volume on to the Mac OS desktop. This enables you to drag and drop files, as you normally would, to and from your computer to and from Active Directory.

How to map to drives after installing the VPN Client (Windows)

What is drive mapping?

After you install and login to your VPN client on Windows, you may map to your Home and Shared drives via the instructions below:



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