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Holocaust Survivor Leon Leyson - 2010
Leon Leyson, the youngest survivor on Schindler's List, made an appearance in Winnipeg to tell his incredible story.

» Bio: Leyson was 10-years-old and living with his family in Krakow, Poland, when Germany invaded the country in 1939; soon after the Nazi’s forced Leyson’s family into Krakow's Jewish Ghetto. It was there that one of Leyson’s older brothers joined his father in an enamelware factory owned by an entrepreneur named Oskar Schindler, the man who. Leyson, his mother and sister, were later put on the list of workers as well.

Leon worked in Oskar Schindler's factory during the World War Two and was included on the now-famous 'Schindler's List.' Leon has been involved in holocaust education through Chapman University for several years and has spoken across Canada and the United States.


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