Human Ethics - Fort Garry Campus

The University of Manitoba (UM) is committed to protecting the rights and welfare of humans participating in research studies.

All research projects involving humans conducted at, or under the auspices of the UM, require prior ethics review and approval by a Research Ethics Board (REB).

There are two REBs at the UM Fort Garry Campus. Protocol applications to REB 1 and REB 2 are administered through the Human Ethics Office at

Note – Biomedical studies and studies from the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences (except from the College of Nursing) are administered through the Research Ethics Office at the UM Bannatyne Campus.

Research Ethics Boards

The following departments/faculties are to submit their applications to the appropriate REB as listed below:


  • Asper School of Business
  • College of Nursing
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Sociology and Criminology
  • Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
  • Faculty of Social Work
  • Student Counselling and Career Centre


  • Administrative Research
  • Arthur V. Mauro Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
  • Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources
  • Desautels Faculty of Music
  • Extended Education
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences
  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Arts (except Departments of Psychology, and Sociology & Criminology)
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Law
  • Libraries
  • Price Faculty of Engineering
  • School of Art

REB Forms

  • Click here to access the forms page. 
  • Forms are to be submitted electronically using the original pdf versions.
  • Use a digital signature to sign the forms. Click here for instructions on how to create and insert a digital signature on a pdf.
  • Forms may be submitted any time to the Human Ethics Office at

REB Approval Timelines

Minimal Risk

  • According to TCPS 2 (2018), "minimal risk" research is defined as “research in which the probability and magnitude of possible harms implied by participation in the research are no greater than those encountered by participants in those aspects of their everyday life that relate to the research”.
  • Typically, feedback from the REB can take three to six weeks.
  • Typically, the approval process can take two to three months.

Greater than Minimal Risk

  • If a participant may experience ‘greater than minimal risk’, then the application will require a Full Board REB Review.
  • Refer to the appropriate REB Schedule for the next application submission deadline and the corresponding REB meeting date.
  • Typically, feedback from the REB can take three to six weeks.
  • Typically, the approval process can take two to three months.

REB Guidelines

Click here for additional information regarding:

  • COVID-19 Script
  • Consent Form Template
  • Course-Based Research
  • Video Research
  • Administrative Research
  • Conducting Observations in Schools
  • Practitioner-Research


Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Human Ethics Office at

As of September 1, 2011, researchers applying to a University of Manitoba Research Ethics Board for research involving humans must include a certificate of completion from the Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics (PRE) online tutorial,  TCPS 2: Course on Research Ethics (CORE).


All student researchers must have a faculty supervisor who approves their research, provides supervision and signs their ethical protocol submission form. Students use the same forms, and apply to the same REB as their faculty supervisor.

All Fort Garry applications should be sent to the Human Ethics Officer 

Bannatyne Applicants