UGME Curricular Governance
Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) governance is the framework for decision rights and accountabilities to encourage effective management and delivery of the Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum.

Curriculum is defined as the UGME Academic Plan comprising:

  • Instructional resources;
  • Context;
  • Teaching and Learning strategies;
  • Content and,
  • Assessment and Evaluation.

In June 2012, the Curriculum Renewal Steering Committee recommended the Max Rady College of Medicine revise the UGME curriculum governance model to focus on the following key areas:

  • Management of the Curriculum
  • Renewal of the Curriculum
  • Evaluation of Students
  • Evaluation of the Curriculum and Program Delivery
  • Management of the Learning Environment

Building upon the recommendations from our 2012 LCME/CACMS accreditation report, the UGME governance has been reorganized with particular focus on organization, clearer delineation of responsibility, and communication. This newly revised governance model is designed to foster integration and coordination of the complete UGME curriculum and to facilitate its ongoing management.


Governance of the UGME curriculum is stratified across three levels:

  • Strategic: This organizational level sets the strategic direction of the Max Rady College of Medicine within which the UGME program operates, working within the University of Manitoba policy framework. This includes the Max Rady College of Medicine Executive Council.
  • Governance: This level of the organization at the UGME level is responsible for the governance of the UGME curriculum. Working within the strategic framework set by the Dean’s Council and Faculty Executive Council, this level is responsible for the general direction of the UGME curriculum, and its evaluation, as well as student assessment. This level includes the Curriculum Executive Committee, the Curriculum Implementation Committee, the Program Evaluation Committee, and the Progress committee.
  • Implementation: This level is responsible for implementation of the curriculum, within the direction and policy framework set by the UGME Curriculum Executive Committee. This level includes Clerkship Committee, Pre-Clerkship Committee, Pre-Clerkship Student Evaluation Committee,  Clerkship Student Evaluation Committee and Committee on Online Learning.

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The following committees are responsible for the management and oversight of the UGME curriculum. Click to access their respective pages which include their Terms of Reference and Records of Discussion/Agenda etc.