Course Outlines

Biosystem Engineering Program: Required Courses

BIOE 2110    Transport Phenomena

BIOE 2480    Impact of Engineering on the Environment

BIOE 2590    Biology for Engineers

BIOE 2600    Plant and Animal Physiology for Engineers

BIOE 2790    Fluid Mechanics

BIOE 2900    Biosystems Engineering Design 1

BIOE 3270    Instrumentation and Measurement for Biosystems

BIOE 3320    Engineering Properties of Biological Materials

BIOE 3400    Design of Structural Components in Machines

BIOE 3590    Mechanics of Materials in Biosystems

BIOE 3900    Biosystems Engineering Design 2

BIOE 4240    Graduation Project

BIOE 4900    Biosystems Engineering Design 3

BIOE 4950    Biosystems Engineering Design 4


Biosystems Engineering Program: Elective Courses

BIOE 4390     Unit Operations 1

BIOE 4412     Design of Light-Frame Building Systems

BIOE 4414     Imaging and Spectroscopy for Biosystems

BIOE 4420     Crop Preservation

BIOE 4440     Bioprocessing for Biorefining

BIOE 4460     Air Pollution Assessment and Management

BIOE 4560     Structural Design in Wood

BIOE 4590     Management of By-Products from Animal Production

BIOE 4600     Design of Water Management Systems

BIOE 4610     Design of Assistive Technology Devices

BIOE 4620     Remediation Engineering

BIOE 4640     Bioengineering Applications in Medicine

BIOE 4650    Textiles in Healthcare and Medical Applications

BIOE 4700     Alternative Building Design


Degree Agriculture Courses taught by Biosystem Engineering

BIOE 3100    Agricultural Engineering Fundamentals for Agronomists

BIOE 3530     Engineering Fundamentals


Diploma Agriculture Courses taught by Biosystems Engineering

BIOE 0222     Precision Agriculture

BIOE 0600     Farm Machinery

BIOE 0690     Water Management

BIOE 0700     Buildings and Environments

BIOE 0710     Materials Handling