Research and Policy Certificate

The CSSRP is in the process of developing a Certificate in Applied Social Science Research and Policy.

Our goal is to have a certificate program in Applied Social Science Research and Policy for the Fall of 2021!

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What is a Certificate Program?

The Certificate Program in Applied Social Science Research and Policy can be earned: (1) during your degree (Bachelor's, Master's or Ph.D.), (2) post-degree, or (3) as a casual non-degree seeking student. The program is optional, and is available to students within or outside of the Faculty of Arts. The goal of the Certificate Program is to provide students with practical educational and training experience in the area of social science research methodologies and policy-related issues. Whether it is for professional advancement or personal interest, the certificate program in social science research and policy provides several benefits.


Benefits of the Certificate Program

  1. It stands out on your resume/curriculum vitae! Potential employers read through many resumes looking for things that immediately stand out at a candidate. A well-rounded education, complete with a certificate in social science research and policy, may make you  stand out more from the competition and make you more appealing to employers.
  2. Employers love proactive learners because it shows that you are always looking to improve your skill set and learn new things, which makes you a valuable asset.
  3. Can simplify a last-minute career change. A sudden change in your career goals is normal, but few people want to go back to school for 3 to 5 years in order to gain new credentials. A certificate in social science research and policy is a valuable safety net that will open doors to a wide variety of career options; whether that be in academia, not-for-profit organizations, or private industry. The appeal for individuals with applied social science research and policy certification is endless.