University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Economics - Jesse Hajer
Jesse Hajer

PhD (New School for Social Research)
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics and Labour Studies Program

Phone: (204) 474-9057
Mailing Address:
Department of Economics
University of Manitoba
517 Fletcher Argue Building
15 Chancellors Circle
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3T 5V5


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Fields of Specialization

  •   Political Economy and Public Policy
  •   The Social Economy and Community Economic Development
  •   Poverty and Inequality

Selected Publications


  •  (2019) with John Loxley, Public-private partnerships, social impact bonds and the     erosion of the state in Canada. Studies in Political Economy. In press.

Analytical Reports

  •  (2018) with Jennifer Keith. Air services for all Manitobans: Assessing the rationale for privatizing Manitoba Government Air Services. Winnipeg, Canada: Manitoba Government Employees Union.
  •  (2017) with Josh Brandon & Michael Mendelson. What does an actual housing allowance look like? Manitoba’s Rent Assist program. Toronto: Caledon Institute for Social Policy.
  •  (2017) with Lynne Fernandez & James Langridge. A family living wage for Manitoba: 2016-17 update. Winnipeg: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
  •  (2017) with Zac Saltis. Impact of tuition fees on enrollment, graduate career choice, and other select topics in tertiary education finance and administration. Winnipeg: Breakwater Group.
  •  (2009) Home-ownership for low-income households: Outcomes for families and communities. Winnipeg: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Manitoba.
  •  (2009) Should the City Of Winnipeg create a municipal corporate utility and use public private partnerships to build new wastewater treatment infrastructure?: Submission to the City of Winnipeg Executive Policy Committee July   15, 2009. Winnipeg:  Canadian Centre for Policy    Alternatives-Manitoba.
  •  (2009) with Brendan Reimer, Dan Simpson & John Loxley. The importance of policy for community economic development - A case study of the Manitoba context. Saskatoon: Centre for the Study of Co-operatives.
  •  (2009) with Tim Richards, Marcy Cohen, Seth Klein and Deborah Littman (2009). The view from here: How a living wage can reduce poverty in Manitoba. Winnipeg: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Manitoba. 
  •  (2008) with Betty Braaksma, Marianne Cerilli, Lynne Fernandez, George Harris, Ian Hudson, Bob Kury, Dennis Lewycky, Lindsey McBain and Tom Simms. Two visions, two cities (Parts 1 and 2): A citizen's guide to understanding Winnipeg's city budgets. Winnipeg: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Manitoba.  
  •  (2008) with Liz Carlyle, Marianne Cerilli, Sarah Cooper, Lynne Fernandez, Ian Hudson, Shauna MacKinnon, Lindsey McBain, Brendan Reimer and Tom Simms. Alternative municipal budget for Winnipeg, 2009: Two visions, two cities. Winnipeg: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Manitoba.