University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Economics - Gregory C. Mason
Gregory C. Mason

PhD (University of British Columbia)
Associate Professor

Phone: (204) 474-8670
Fax:      (204) 474-7681
Mailing Address:
  Department of Economics
  University of Manitoba
  557 Fletcher Argue Building
  15 Chancellors Circle
  Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3T 5V5


Fields of Specialization

  • Program Evaluation
  • Cost-benefit
  • Public Policy

Selected Publications



  • "The Manitoba Basic Annual Income Experiment: Lessons Learned 40 Years Later"
    Wayne Simpson, Greg Mason, Ryan Godwin
    Canadian Public Policy, Volume 43, Number 1, March/mars 2017, pp. 85-104.
  • “Assessing the value for money of active labour market programming for persons with disabilities” 2013 (with A. Buchel, T. Haddad, and D. Unruh) The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation Vol. 27 No.2 Pages 21–38.
  • “Value for money assessment of active labour market programs” Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, June 2007 (With M. Teraraho).
  • "The devaluation of Evaluation," Special issue of the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, 2004 Vol. 19, No. 1.
  • "Evaluation in the context of the Social Union Framework Agreement: a case study of the National Child Benefit," 2003 Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, Vol. 17, No. 2.