Advisory Board

The CSSRP Advisory Board functions in a consultative capacity to the Academic Director on matters relating to operational and governance matters of the CSSPR. The Board is comprised of nine (9) faculty members from Arts appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, with advice from the Academic Director. The term of Advisory Board members is normally 3 years, renewable. The composition of the committee will reflect the diversity of the social sciences in the Faculty, not just with respect to Departments/Units, but also with respect to research methodologies and perspectives/ways of knowing.

Internal to the University of Manitoba
Name Faculty/Department Areas of Interest
Dr. Kathleen Buddle Anthropology 30-Jun-23
Dr. Danielle Gaucher Psychology 30-Jun-23
Dr. Jesse Hajer Economics/Labour Studies 30-Jun-22
Dr. Tammy Ivanco Psychology 30-Jun-21
Dr. Steve Lecce Political Studies 30-Jun-22
Dr. Verónica Loureiro-Rodriguez Linguistics 30-Jun-23
Dr. Gregory Mason Economics 30-Jun-23
Dr. Cary Miller Native Studies 30-Jun-21
Dr. Lori Wilkinson Sociology and Criminology 30-Jun-22