About the CSSRP

Welcome to the Centre for Social Science Research and Policy (CSSRP)!


To serve as a focal point for research methodologies and policy-related activities in the social sciences. We do so by bringing together researchers from a variety of disciplines and from a breadth of social science issues - both at the micro and macro levels, or put another way, from the genome to the globe.


To be a local, national, and international leader in social science research and policy by providing interdisciplinary training, consultation, support, shared infrastructure, collaboration, and promotion to students, faculty, and staff at the University of Manitoba and the wider community.


Goal 1: High-quality training and professional development

Objective: to facilitate training and professional development opportunities in a variety of methodologies and social science approaches, including, but not limited to, novel approaches to research design, data collection, archiving, modelling, analysis, and knowledge translation.

Objective: to provide mentoring for students and colleagues at every level, with a particular focus on students (both undergraduate and graduate) and postdoctoral/pre-tenure researchers.

Goal 2: Knowledge mobilization

Objective: to promote, disseminate, and mobilize knowledge related to social science research and policy, particularly in advancing broader public awareness.

Objective: to develop and provide education opportunities and resources, to disseminate current social science research, and facilitate peer networking.

Goal 3: Rigorous research

Objective: to advance and coordinate high quality implementation, impact assessment, and sustainability of evidence-based programs to maximize the positive impact of social science research.

Objective: to provide expert research methods consultation both at the formative and operational phases of projects.

Objective: to foster areas that emphasize institutional and community strengths, especially in the area for Indigenous research methodologies/ways of knowing and community-based participatory action research.

Goal 4: Effective partnerships


Objective: to be an "incubator of ideas" by supporting and promoting innovation, collaboration, and excellence in research, training, and scholarship in the area of social science research and policy.
Objective: to advance local and national fundraising initiatives in support of further reserach, training and outreach projects.
Objective: to promote non-academic, community-based collaborations in order to build local, national, and international networks.
Objective: to establish closer links with other Institutes, Centres, and Groups affiliated with the University of Manitoba.



To keep up to date with everything at the CSSRP, please email cssrp@lists.umanitoba.ca to be added to our mailing list!