The Faculty of Architecture is continually striving to provide additional funding for students to support them through their programs. In past years, the Faculty has awarded approximately $800,000 annually to students through bursaries, scholarships and fellowships.

In a perfect world, all students would be fully funded and able to devote all their time to their studies with no competing diversions to assist with finances. The reality is that such fully funded students are by far the exception in the Faculty of Architecture.  Most of our students fund much of their education costs from personal savings, family or government loans and/or part-time work and most of our students do manage to complete their coursework on this funding alone.

Most students are interested in any form of financial assistance that can help out with at least some of their program expenses. The best form of assistance is that provided through scholarships, bursaries, fellowships and teaching assistantships. Scholarships and fellowships are usually provided on a merit basis, involving strong competition, often favouring the academically strongest students.  Bursaries are awarded confidentially on the basis of financial need, as well as, in most cases, a minimum academic standing.

Undergraduate students
who are seeking funding assistance can go to the Financial Aid and Awards website.

The Faculty also have some funds generally available each year for program entry scholarships. These are normally allocated during the first term on merit.   During the academic year, any other bursaries, scholarships and fellowships, that requires applications, will be posted on Faculty notice boards or sent directly to registered students through the programs email distribution lists.  Undergraduate scholarships and bursaries specific to Environmental Design can be found in Faculty of Architecture Award Database.

Students should also consider applying for bursaries. Bursary applications are available online for full or part-time UM students who have demonstrated financial need and a minimum academic standing. Visit the bursaries page for information and applications. Only students who have completed a general bursary form through Financial Aid and Awards are eligible to apply for certain bursaries that require an application process through the Faculty of Architecture.

Graduate students should also visit the Financial Aid and Awards site web site above, but further information can be found below.


Part-time Positions
Other forms of assistance are more like a part-time job, featuring remuneration for teaching or research assistance services in the university context. These are usually not so competitive, but effort is still required to establish suitability for the position.    

The best opportunities for obtaining either form of assistance generally occur once students are actually in the program, and have at least one term under their belt. This allows students to 'show their stuff', to establish relationships with professors, and to develop the beginnings of some rapport with members of the local professional practice community.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies maintains a comprehensive awards database. It discusses the full range of ways to finance graduate studies at the University of Manitoba. When searching the awards database, consider a range of keywords or phrases – in addition to city planning, interior design, landscape architecture  – that might embrace your field of interest, such as: housing,
environment etc. You may also need to contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies directly to confirm status of some of the terms of reference information.

For academic excellence, the two main University-wide opportunities comprise:

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF) and Manitoba Graduate Scholarship (MGS)

  • Requiring a GPA of 3.00 or greater in the previous two years of full time study;
  • This funding is available to incoming master students and the number of fellowships available is dependent on the Faculty of Graduate Studies quota for the individual graduate departments;
  • To view the general information go to Graduate Studies' Funding and Awards website
  • Students eligible for this funding (Master of Architecture, Master of City Planning, Master of Interior Design and Master of Landscape Architecture) do not submit an application. The admissions committee at the time of the admissions process will use the application material to rank students and the recommended students will receive notification from Graduate Studies directly.

Tri- Council Funding

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) / Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Canadian Graduate Scholarships

  • This is a university wide application process and highly competitive; eligibility requirements can be found on the FGS website.
  • For more information go to the specific web links above.

For aboriginal students mainly (but not exclusively), especially for those with an interest in aboriginal health issues, there is possible funding from Aboriginal Capacity and Developmental Research Environments (ACADRE). It is quite a simple application process, with no actual "forms" per se. There is no actual requirement to be of Aboriginal descent as an applicant, just an interest in conducting Aboriginal health related research and some kind of involvement with the community. Application deadline: March 1st.

Detailed and current information for graduate applicants seeking graduate studentships may be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies web site under Funding and Awards.

Graduate departments' information on awards and bursaries for the can be found on the Faculty of Architecture Award Database. 

For Faculty of Architecture students, certain awards deserve to be singled out from the overall awards data base:

Fridrik Kristjansson Scholarship in Architecture

Intended to provide travel or research assistance to fulltime graduate students who have completed their first year of a Faculty of Architecture graduate program. Preference is given to students focusing on universal design and special needs in the planning and design of housing. Application deadline is usually around mid-March.

Maxwell Starkman Scholarship Travel Award
Available for student in any of the four graduate programs within the Faculty of Architecture with the freedom to explore contemporary design issues in a world context, anywhere in the world. This prestigious (and generous) award will enable its recipients to gain experience and knowledge through scholarly research which may lead to a written paper worthy of consideration for publication in a juried journal.

Deborah J. Norden Fund
Travel and Study Grants: Those students preparing a Starkman application may also wish to consider reworking it slightly for an application to the Deborah J. Norden Fund also intended to benefit Architecture, Housing and Community Planning students seeking to undertake some of their studies abroad.  

Research Assistantships are usually somewhat informal, dependent on individual faculty members, and whether they are holding any grants for current research. Such opportunities generally begin to open up after the first term, once a student has been able to establish a 'fit' with a particular faculty member and their research program.

Teaching Assistantships are more common in Environmental Design (ED),  the Faculty's undergraduate program. They usually favour graduate students who have been in the ED program. A TA typically earns in the range of $1200 to $2500 per term. The competition for Teaching Assistantships in the Faculty of Architecture opens each summer - usually in July - when the positions are advertised on the University web-site.