Undergraduate Education in the Department of Family Medicine
The Department of Family Medicine is involved in teaching medical learners in undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Following is the description of the experiences medical learners will have in their undergraduate years. From the Family Medicine perspective the following are the overarching goals for these experiences.

Some Pre – Clerkship experiences are not explicitly run by the Department of Family Medicine. These include: longitudinal clinical exposures, clinical reasoning sessions, optional experiences such as home for the summer program and summer early exposures.


  • Provide an opportunity to explore Family Medicine as a career
  • Provide an opportunity to explore career possibilities in communities that students may be considering working in
  • Allow the student to gain more experience in Family Medicine
  • Provide students with clinical experiences in the management of patient problems in a variety of primary care settings. Emphasis will be on skills of interviewing, physical assessment, data gathering and contextual patient care
  • Provide students in rural electives with the opportunity to develop skills in a less formal setting and offer hands-on exposure to a wide range of medical situations that are often not available in a larger urban teaching centre

Pre - Clerkship 1st & 2nd Year

The Family Medicine Pre-Clerkship program is comprised of two components, Clinical Interviewing and Clinical Skills Labs. The Clinical Interviewing sessions are designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop communication skills by interviewing a standardized patient who has been trained to act as a patient with a specific illness and the Clinical Skills Lab sessions teach basic foundational physical exam skills. 

Clerkship 3rd year

Family Medicine rural rotation

Family Medicine rotation is 6 week Core rotation. The first week is an orientation week shared with the Community Health Sciences. The rotation will take place in rural or northern community. Students will complete 4.5 weeks at the clinic in rural Manitoba. Winnipeg sites will be used only when additional sites are required or in extenuating circumstances.

Clerkship 4th year

Internal Electives

    • Department of Family Medicine offers rural & urban electives in in Family Medicine and in certain enhanced skills areas (eg.Sports Medicine, Obstetrics, Addictions), Electives are maximum 2 weeks in duration.
    • Students are not permitted to arrange their electives, they can contact the FM office to request a specific site or preceptor. If students are requesting more than one placement, they will be placed on a holding list until all students have been assigned their first placement.
    • The department does not cover the cost of housing or travel.
    • Please click here for FM guidelines

Visiting electives

  • Visiting students have to apply through AFMC Student Portal, preference will be given to Manitoba origin students. Elective can be maximum 2 weeks in duration.

Transition to Residency Selectives

  • Family Medicine offers a variety of TTR Selectives urban placements (ex., Kildonan Medical Clinic, Northern Connection Medical Clinic, Access Centres, Akins Street Community Health Centre etc.)

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