Deferred and Missed Exams

For Engineering Students only please see the following. For non-engineering students, please apply for a deferred exam through your faculty.


Fall 2020 deferred exam dates will take place from January 11-15, 2021.

NOTE: If your deferral request is related to a COVID-19 / Coronavirus situation, you MUST indicate on your application in the “Reason for Deferral” section.

Students must remain available until all exam and test obligations have been fulfilled. Travel plans are not an acceptable reason to miss examinations. 

PLEASE ALLOW 48 HOURS TO RECEIVE THE FACULTY'S DECISION REGARDING YOUR DEFERRED EXAM REQUEST (If any term work is outstanding this may delay the 48 hour reply as consultation with instructor will be required to aid in our decision). Please check your university email for the decision on your deferred exam application request. Should you not receive your decision within 48 hours, please follow up with our office.

Given the ongoing COVID-19/Coronavirus situation, deferral applications will only be accepted via email and must be sent to Kim Ormiston at within 48 hours following the scheduled exam day.

If a deferral request is due (related) to a COVID-19/Coronavirus situation please indicate in the “reason for Deferral” section. To reduce further hardship, deferral requests for courses taken in Winter and Fall 2020 are not expected to be supplemented by supporting documentation.

Deferred exams may be granted to students who are unable to write a final exam at the scheduled date and time for medical or compassionate reasons, if the application for the deferred exam is accompanied by supporting documentation that confirms the student’s incapacity to write on the scheduled exam date(s).

Students must apply for a deferred exam within 48 hours of the missed exam. If more than one exam is missed, the deferral application must be submitted within 48 hours of the last exam missed. A deferred exam is not granted until complete documentation is submitted.

Deferrals are not usually granted in advance of exam.

Documentation for the application must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be an original; copies of the document will not be accepted. If the original is needed for other purposes, a copy will be made and retained in the Price Faculty of Engineering
  • Specifies that the exam was missed for the reasons noted
  • Dates on the documents must cover the date(s) of the missed exams
  • Official Documentation, for example: medical certificates, police reports, counselling/treatment letter, obituary, death certificate, legal documents, etc.

All documentation is subject to confirmation. Falsification or fabrication of documentation will result in academic suspension for disciplinary reason. Other penalties may also apply.

Students who miss one exam and write another exam on the same day must obtain detailed documentation that explains/confirms inability to write one and not the other.

Re-Deferrals (deferring a scheduled deferred exam) will only be considered in extremely exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis by the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs). If approved, the re-deferral will be scheduled for the next regular sitting of the final exam for the course in question (could be up to a year from the date of the original scheduled exam). Please note that a request for re-deferral may result in the student being denied registration in the current or a future term until all outstanding examination obligations have been completed. Requests to write a deferred exam after the originally scheduled deferred exam has already been written will be denied.

Students who have received a failing grade as the result of being denied or missing a deferred exam, feel that the circumstances surrounding the situation warrant special consideration, may submit a letter of appeal to the Price Faculty of Engineering Standing and Appeals Committee.

Deadlines for Requesting a Deferred Final Exam (for medical or compassionate reasons)

Exam Day Deadline to Request Deferral
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday (extended from Saturday)
Friday Monday (extended from Sunday)
Saturday Monday