PreClerkship Resources for Med I and Med II

Pre-Clerkship is divided into six blocks, three per year. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is involved in Block II and Block IV.

Med I - Block II - Human Development and Clinical Skills


HD004 - Pregnancy Outcomes in Manitoba

HD008 - Prenatal Care

HD068 - Women's Health Issues

CS046 - Talking to Adolescents I - Responsible Sexuality

CS056 - Talking to Adolescents II - Glenlawn and Dakota Collegiates

For objectives, course descriptions and schedules: Med I - Block II 

Med II - Reproduction and Clinical Skills

For objectives, course descripions and schedules: Med II - Block IV 

Clinical Skills:

CS203 - Introduction to Clinical Skills - Lecture

CS205 - Clinincal Experiences

CS294 - Overview of the Obstetrical History and Physical Exam

CPA Sessions - In-Hospital Patient Assignments

CTA (Clinical Teaching Associates) - practical instruction in the gynecological examination.